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Tiny Dog Suffered A Lifetime Of Isolation, Chained Under A Broken Sofa

Tiny Dog Suffered A Lifetime Of Isolation, Chained Under A Broken Sofa

Not all dogs have the privilege to run freely in their backyards or cuddle with their favorite hooman on a couch. Despite being in the family, many of them spend their whole lives on a chain, never feeling the comfort of a cozy home.

Max, the tiny black pup, is exhibit A!

This poor boi has spent his whole life isolated from the rest of his family, living under a broken sofa and sleeping on cardboard. Never, ever in his lifetime did Max feel the comfort of a warm, cozy home.

Lifelong Solitude

tiny dog under chair
Source: Instagram

When Andrea Peralta, a long-time rescuer of Animal Defenders, saw Max in such a horrible condition, she immediately approached his owners to find out more information about him.

According to Max’s family, this poor dog has been dealing with various health issues his whole life, and his owner was thinking about putting him to eternal sleep

Andrea knew that this tiny dog didn’t have much time, and she decided to help Max in a heartbeat. She asked the owner to take him to the rescue, which he accepted.

black dog under the chair
Source: Instagram

She took the dog to the facility where he was thoroughly checked out. Aside from his evident skin issues, Max had a lot of ticks, suffered from parasites, and his hair was falling out constantly

During vet exams, Max was quite shy and reserved. He was evidently scared due to a lack of socialization with people. Fortunately, Andrea was inclined to help him. From that day, his life journey took an unexpected turn for the better!

The Road To Recovery

happy black dog
Source: Instagram

During the first several weeks in the shelter, Max showed no signs of improvement. He was constantly refusing food and water, and he seemed extremely depressed.

Once he was subjected to another checkup, the vet diagnosed him with liver and pancreas problems caused by improper treatment by his previous owner.

“They discovered that he was developing liver and pancreas problems so he had to be hospitalized again. This is because her previous family used Ivermectin to treat her skin issues and this could cause such damage to such a young puppy,” the AD team wrote on Instagram.

woman petting a black dog
Source: Instagram

Due to his health issues, Max had to follow a specially-designed feeding chart with the food formulated for liver problems. Thanks to the giant-hearted community who immediately stepped up and donated money for the food, Max was taken care of around the clock.

After only a month, he was a brand-new dog and not the shadow of his old self. He gained healthy weight and completely came out of his shell. 

“He has a whole life ahead of him to be happy and feel healthy, like he has never felt,” his rescuers wrote on Instagram.

woman with black shirt holding a black dog
Source: Instagram

Max finally started going out in the backyard. For the first few days, he only stood in the corner, watching his other furry buddies play. Then, a transformation happened!

Within just days, Max decided to take part in playtime – and he did it amazingly! He became the sweetest lovebug who enjoyed his life to the fullest.

Today, Max is finally ready to be adopted. When the time comes, we’re absolutely pawsitive that he’ll find a loving home and a family who will love him unconditionally. He sure deserves it!