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Three Sweet Rottweilers Abandoned Without Food And Water Finally Get Rescued

Three Sweet Rottweilers Abandoned Without Food And Water Finally Get Rescued

When thinking about miracles, most people imagine something totally magical happening in their life that drastically changes the outcome of their life.

However, what nobody thinks is that it’s actually something much simpler, like helping those in need when they need it the most, or rescuing a group of dogs.

Those are the true miracles and they are overlooked all the time. In this story, we will talk about three Rottweilers who were abandoned on a property without any food and water.

Three Scared Dogs

abandoned rottweilers
Source: YouTube

It’s not uncommon for Hope For Paws to receive a call about a group of dogs abandoned in the middle of nowhere in California. In fact, it happens more often than not.

In this case, it was in a very rural area, and they were on their way to rescue three Rottweilers after a woman made an emergency call to come and save them.

The rescuers, Joann Wiltz and Alex Babcock, were on the scene in no time. When they arrived there, they found the dogs immediately.

They noticed that the Rottweilers were pretty scared of their presence, but eased up upon seeing food as they were likely very hungry.

dogs abandoned without food and water
Source: YouTube

When the sweet dogs relaxed enough, the rescuers entered the property to feed them properly before taking them to a shelter.

Wiltz placed a leash around one of the dogs, who was now named Gladiator, and carefully took him back to the car.

One Big Happy Family

saving abandoned dogs
Source: YouTube

Now, it was time to help the other ones. They spent a little more time trying to relax them with cuddles before taking them to the vehicle.

It seemed to work, as the dogs, now named Spartacus and Sura, were now really happy to be around Wiltz and Babcock.

They placed them both in a kennel and took them safely back to the car. Now was the time to take them to a shelter in California so they could receive proper help.

Now that they were in the care of the amazing shelter workers, they received a medical bath and Spartacus got light surgery to help him deal with a medical condition called entropion.

shelter workers washing rottweilers
Source: YouTube

In short, it irritated his eyes, so they needed to make sure it didn’t happen anymore.

After going through the standard procedures at the shelter, The Little Red Dog decided to foster the dogs until they could find a more permanent home. 

Some time had passed and the dogs were taken to their new homes one by one.

While it’s safe to say that they were adopted, there is not a lot of information about the families they went to. 

Still, I have no doubt that they are now happy and living an amazing life in their forever home.