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This Woman Adopted A Dog Only To Realize She Is Keeping The Sweetest Secret

This Woman Adopted A Dog Only To Realize She Is Keeping The Sweetest Secret

For most people adopting a puppy, it’s pretty common to have at least one or two in the house. But, what if the universe has something else planned?

In some cases, people will take in a sweet dog only to be surprised by the fact that the dog is actually pregnant.

Well, that’s what happened to the woman in this story who was really surprised by her new dog who was going to give birth soon.

An Advert For The Dog

beautiful girl holding a dog
Source: TikTok

After scrolling through the many adverts on Craigslist, a woman named Faith stumbled upon an interesting one.

Apparently, someone had put a Chihuahua on the list with the caption: “Adorable female Chihuahua puppy”. 

Faith thought that the ad seemed a bit too good to be true and was a bit suspicious as to why her previous owner had left her.

cute Chihuahua
Source: TikTok

However, that did not deter her. She took a leap of faith, adopted this sweet dog, and decided to take her into a new home in Oregon.

That’s when the surprise came. This Chihuahua, now named Stacey, was actually pregnant and would become a mom very soon.

Even though this was a huge surprise for Faith, she was more than happy to help her new dog with the puppies.

A Big Reveal For The Family

Chihuahua feeding its puppies
Source: TikTok

At first, she assumed that Stacey was maybe only pregnant with two puppies, but the big reveal was about to hit.

She gave birth to five healthy babies. There were four males and one female puppy. Faith was there with Stacey every step of the way to make sure these puppies grew up strong.

While the first few weeks were difficult, she did her best in caring for this sweet dog family. She had to make sure they were old enough before they got adopted.

After some time, it was finally time for these puppies to step into the world with someone amazing who would care for them.

cute puppies playing on a bed
Source: TikTok

Faith decided to keep one puppy, and she named it Coco. For all the other ones, she found forever homes for them in Oregon, and the great thing is: they are all her friends who live nearby.

This means that the siblings still get to see each other often and even have playdates when their owners are out of town.

Even though Faith was concerned about adopting Stacey, everything turned out exceptionally well for her and the puppies. It’s amazing to see how they are all living a wonderful life now.

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