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9 Things I Can’t Do Since Owning A German Shepherd

9 Things I Can’t Do Since Owning A German Shepherd

Every person who owns a dog says that it was a life-changing decision to make this pet a part of their family. German Shepherd owners especially say that there are some things that they can’t do since owning a German Shepherd.

However, all of the German Shepherd owners say that this is kind of a sweet suffering for them since they advocate that there are a lot more benefits than disadvantages to owning a German Shepherd dog.

To phrase this heading more nicely, we can say that today, we are going to talk about things you didn’t know were better to do in the company of a GSD! Sounds about right, huh?

What Are The Things I Can’t Do Since Owning A German Shepherd?

Well, there are many things that you can’t imagine doing without them. These little nosy canines won’t let you be on your own for a second of your time.

And, you can probably imagine how that feels, and what owning a dog like this brings with itself. Hint: Only the best things in life! 

1. You Can’t Keep Calm 

owner playing with german shepherd in snow

Well, it is safe to say that there won’t be a single dull moment in your life, at least not anymore since you own one of these big boys.

They are one of the most high-energy dog breeds that need constant attention, as well as mental and physical stimulation.

You won’t have the luxury of spending time laying in your bed peacefully because your German Shepherd will be so excited that you woke up, and it won’t leave your side.

If your German Shepherd dog lives indoors, be sure that it will climb in your bed, and start playing and getting zoomies as soon as you wake up (or even before).

After you get a German Shepherd, forget about those lazy mornings where you spend half of the day in your bed snuggling between the comfy pillows… because these dogs will need to be taken outside.

2. You Can’t Sleep By Yourself

This one goes for all German Shepherd owners who let their dogs sleep inside the house, or better said… on their own bed.

As soon as you allow them to sleep on your bed, it is game over for you. You won’t have the option to sleep by yourself anymore because your German Shepherd will claim the bed as the throne that he is allowed to sleep in.

What they claim to be theirs will always remain theirs.

If you ever decide that your German Shepherd is not welcome to sleep with you on your bed anymore, you can feel free to expect a tantrum from your guard dog.

They won’t be happy about the fact that they aren’t welcomed in their favorite place in the whole world, and they might be upset with you for a long time.

Therefore, I recommend that if you have already decided to give your GSD the ability to sleep with you in the same bed, let that stay as such for as long as possible.

You will be extra warm around your feet, and you will always feel safe and protected from the outside world whenever your German Shepherd buddy is near you.

3. You Can’t Eat A Meal By Yourself

Young woman is feeding the dog an ice-cream, in the park, on a hot summer day.

You’ll never have a meal by yourself if you own a German Shepherd. Your devoted shepherd will indeed be content to eat right beside you, and even amuse himself by dribbling and jumping up for any dropped crumbs. 

If you are unable to finish your meal or if you are not paying attention, they will be pleased to assist you in eating it.

Your German Shepherd may sometimes be unhappy if you aren’t in the same room while they are eating; therefore, they won’t be happy eating alone whatsoever.

They might be thinking that you share the same feeling, and therefore, won’t let you eat alone… ever. (Here is a German Shepherd feeding chart if you need to read more about this).

Whenever it happens that you two are having a meal at the same time, in the same room, trust me… your GSD will finish off its food bowl quickly, and be even quicker to sit near you and closely monitor every bite of yours, hoping that it might get a crumb or two.

They love getting extra bites, especially of the ‘forbidden foods’ and home-cooked meals. Their huge, begging puppy eyes will probably make you give them your entire plate of food because they are just too cute to handle.

4. You Can’t Sleep 5 Minutes More

For all the sleepy heads, this might be an issue. Our beloved German Shepherds are dogs that need huge amounts of daily activity, exercise, and off-leash time in the dog park, and they often like to stick to a certain routine that you two make together.

For example, if you walk your dog at 7 AM every morning, you will have a restless dog if it is somewhere around 7:20 AM, and you still have not managed to get out of bed. 

If this happens, your dog might start barking at you, growling, crying, and display some destructive behaviors.

German Shepherds have an internal alarm that sounds every dawn at the time they need to go potty. They’ll diligently wake you up early every day so that you can begin your day by gazing into their beautiful face and spending as much time as possible with them. 

You will never be required to wake up by yourself. Because they’re spending more time alongside you means that they are having the time of their life.

Forget about being lazy and spending time doing some other things that you like doing. Now, you have a full-time job being a German Shepherd parent!

5. Can’t Go Anywhere By Yourself

Photo of woman sitting on a bench with two german shepherds

These security dogs will feel the need to watch over you anywhere you go. Their motto is probably ‘You never know where danger might arise’, and therefore, you won’t be able to make a step without them knowing.

They will be by your side at all times, watching over you and following every step of yours. They are known to be amazing herding dogs, and nowadays, one of the best guard dogs in the world; therefore, this behavior does make sense.

Also, they are extremely intelligent and loving dogs that have this kind of unconditional love for their owner and their family, and it might have something to do with their need to constantly be around you and feel close to you.

Therefore, some of the things that you won’t be able to do is walk anywhere by yourself because you will have the best companion animal that you could possibly imagine.

6. You Can’t Go To The Bathroom Alone

This behavior has its roots in the ways dogs behave when they were nothing more than wolves. 

For them, two of the most vulnerable activities are going potty and eating. Those two places can make them the easiest target for other predators since when they are doing those two activities, they are usually highly concentrated on doing them.

Therefore, your German Shepherd probably thinks that you feel vulnerable, too, and because of that, they want to protect you. Even if you are in a well-secured home, with security cameras and locked doors… their motto is ‘Better safe than sorry’.

They usually cover for their pack members, and this is only a sign that they see you as one of their own pack members; therefore, they want to protect you. How sweet is that?

7. You Can’t Leave Your Shoes Wherever

German shepherd puppy, eating shoes

This one goes for all of my beloved German Shepherd puppies out there who don’t find conventional dog toys as amusing as our shoes.

There is nothing we can do about that since our German Shepherds often find this activity as a fun one, even if we really don’t.

8. You Can’t Be Lonely

Wherever you go, your German Shepherd will follow. Talk about having a personal guard dog!

Once you own a German Shepherd, you’ll rarely be able to use the restroom alone again. You’ll have company as you conduct your own affairs, starting the very day your dog settles in. 

Additionally, don’t even consider simply closing the door because your shepherd will understand how to access it.

Forget about ‘me time’ because now, the only thing you will have is ‘our time’ because you aren’t alone anymore, and you won’t be alone for at least another 15 years… anywhere, ever, wherever you go.

9. You Can’t Be Vacuuming Too Much 

Dogs like German Shepherds shed a whole lot. Their fur will not miraculously vanish off of all of your carpets and furnishings no matter how much you clean. 

Despite your best efforts, another fluffy fur flake will drift across your ground much like tumbleweed in the sahara just as you start to believe you’ve got it all under control. You’ll even start to wonder how your dog isn’t bald after a few years.

I know that this one might be a bit boring, but one thing that you can’t do when owning a German Shepherd is clean your house or your yard ‘too much’. Why? Well, because it will never be enough.

Final Word

A happy Caucasian girl and a German shepherd lie in the trunk of a car in nature

The most devoted breed ever is the German Shepherd. They appreciate spending time with you, and it’s impossible not to feel loved when they look into your eyes. There might be some things that we can’t do anymore after getting a GSD, but it is well worth it.

They would do anything to remain your best friend forever because they are the happiest when they are with you. They excel in every way.

German Shepherds might be thought of as high-maintenance dogs, but to us, they are an absolute joy. They are the most incredible dogs in the entire world, and they give back a hundred times more than what we would ever give to them. 

We cannot picture life without them now because they are deserving of all of our love, adoration, and care.