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These 15 Pup To Adult German Shepherd Transformations Are Incredible

These 15 Pup To Adult German Shepherd Transformations Are Incredible

Until we see photos, we don’t even realize how big a difference a couple of months make. These fifteen GSD transitions from puppyhood to adulthood show how fast a dog’s appearance can change. Most, however, keep their puppy spirit even when grown up.

1. A Year Worth Of Growing Up

Head and ears too big for the body? It’ll be no problem in a year!

2. Puppy Antennas To Wolfy Ears

You can see the beast mode in the puppy phase, but the adult version is simply imposing.

3. Twice The Dog In 4 Months

There might be some regret in the owner’s eyes while the GSD was a puppy. However, it’s all smiles and happiness in adulthood. No more carrying in the arms, though.

4. Still Sitting The Same Way After 6 Months

Seasons change. German shepherd size changes. One thing that never changes is the way a dog sits waiting for its owner’s next command.

5. Paws Stays Same, Body Around Them Grows

Chubby paws and legs never grow out of fashion. The floor and step seem to have become smaller, though.

6. You Can’t Grow Out Of Being Curious

An inquisitive puppy is a lifelong trait. This German shepherd kept the inquisitive look and added a bit of disbelief to its personality.

7. Slept Through Three Weeks

Playtime and snooze time are the two things you can never get tired of. Maybe this German shepherd grew very fast because it slept through three weeks of growing up.

8. A 360 Degree Change

When you think your puppy has a warm gray coat color, but it turns into a black and tan sable. A two-in-one indeed.

9. Confused To Sassy

photo of a cute and sassy gsd growing up
Source: Twitter

Thinking about things you don’t understand will get you started with cute. Once you grow up, you have to play the big-dog cards. Remember Joey from the Friends series? The right GSD photo screams of “How you doin’?”

10. Shy At Two Months-Old, Sly At Five

photo of a shy gsd as a puppy
Source: Twitter

Looking through the window, scared of all the noise and moving things, is stressful. The moment you experience a big, wide world during the walks makes you that much braver.

11. I Used To Fit Comfortably

photo of a gsd sleeping on stairs as a puppy and as a grown dog
Source: Twitter

That staircase definitely shrunk. At least the back and ears are now well-supported by the step behind. Not sure about the legs, though.

12. Silly Faces Are A thing Of The Past

photo of a gsd with a silly face as a puppy
Source: Twitter

If you ever needed to see how silliness can become a pirate, this before and after is a great example. I have never seen a richer red coat and a gaze to make me question my existence.

13. Portable To Notable

photo of a woman holding a gsd puppy at 8 weeks vs 6 months
Source: Twitter

Owners seem to be much happier when they can barely pick up their dog. I guess the clumsiness of it all is much more fun than actually fitting in a small hug.

14. From Staring At The Ball, To Staring At Strangers

side portrait comparison of gsd as a puppy and as a grown dog
Source: Reddit

I don’t think the owner expected the black and tan to change into such a lush fawn coat, but the switch from happy-go-lucky to stoic guardian is one thing that certain for German shepherds.

15. Oh, How The Colors Change

gsd changes color from puppyhood to adult age
Source: Reddit

Innocent and pure grew up to become a protector that reassures. It’s funny how the poses and look never change.