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These 35 Dogs Will Turn Your Frown Upside Down

These 35 Dogs Will Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Life is what’s happening around us while we plan, go through our routines, and feel overwhelmed. Our day to day life that doesn’t take much flexibility is almost draining us up. Where did the fun go? Why aren’t we enjoying our lives more?

Blessed are those who have dogs. They sure make our days a lot easier. And let’s not forget, funnier! Feeling loved and appreciated by a dog can boost up not just our energy bars, but also our confidence.

It’s so much easier to go through those hard tasks at work when you have a smiling face and a wagging tail waiting for you at the front door. 

If your day was really a bummer, and you need a dose of serotonin, then you should take a look at these 35 pups. They’ll surely put a smile on your face and make you stop frowning.

1. A Brother From Another Mother 

A mother’s instincts are the strongest. So what if the new adopted baby isn’t a feline? This orphan Chihuahua baby was very fortunate to get adopted by a loving mom so fast

2. Courage, Your Name Is Leonard!

There’s really not much to say about this good boi, other than “bravo”! 

3. This Is How Winners Smile!

Meet Sunny, a Lab and Pitbull mix that beat terminal stage cancer. His smile says he knows he’s a winner.

4. Dog Haiku

Dog has a broken heart. 

Dog gets adopted. 

Dog doesn’t have a broken heart. 

Dog is happy! 

5. Matchy-Matchy

Bruno the Pittie isn’t jealous of his toy for having both ears. This one-eared pup just wants someone to match his energy.

6. Now He’s Even More Pawfect!

Before, Gus had two noses for booping. Now, he has one, still boopable. 

7. Stuck In Traffic? Good Thing You Made A Friend!

Howdy, neighbor! The traffic’s pretty ruff today, isn’t it?

8. After All This Time? Always…

They’ve been friends for fifteen years. Our doggies may pass away, but they will live in our hearts forever. 

9. Open Wide

How many times have I told you? Don’t eat the snow, especially not the yellow one!

10. If I Close My Eyes, It’s Not There

So, yeah… Close your eyes too, mommy, and the mess will be gone.

11. If The Shoe Fits…

He’s been waiting for three years to wear these boots. Because these boots are made for walking…

12. The House Is Sizing Down

I’m not big… Our house is shrinking! 

13. The Moment You Realize…

… you made a huge mistake!

14. Welcome To The Family

I’ll just blend in, slowly, and hope no one figures out a difference. 

15. Always There For A Friend

When their owner, a homeless guy, gets admitted into the hospital for a check-up, the gang stays by the front door. They were all waiting patiently until the man returned. 

16. Do You Think This Is Funny?

I don’t think it’s funny, Karen. It’s not how I look at all!

17. Best. Decision. Ever. 

He couldn’t pick just one, so he ended up adopting both puppies. That’s pawmazing!

18. Best Friends Through Thick And Thin

I guess they both needed a time-out. 

19. When Ruff Times Hit…

… I’ll be there by your side.

20. Like Owner, Like Dog

Other than the downward dog, this is the only yoga position she knows. 

21. Fashionable Pups

When nana knits you a hat, you gotta wear it.

22. I Call “Shotgun”!

We going for a ride? Good, I’m all ready! 

 23. The Best Before And After Photo

After the adoption, Reba is a whole new dog.

24. Proud As A Peach

You can’t beat her post-delivery cuteness.

25. Look What I Found!

Can we keep him?

 26. Beware…

… the dog is crazy!

27. Speechless!

When you don’t know who is more handsome, the owner or the dog.

28. Something Smells Good!

Nobody said anything about sniffing, right?

29. When you spend so much time together…

… you start looking like each other.

30. The Ultimate Begging Face

I see food coming his way.

31. Motherhood

They said it will be fun. So, when does the “fun” kick in?

 32. A Certain First Place

We know who wins this year’s award for the best garden.

33. Almost There 

Yeah, can we get a door here? Maybe something that isn’t see through? Momma needs her free time.

34. A Forbidden Love

They’re just waiting to elope.

35. Watch Out…

… because dog will blep you!