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This Incredible Transformation Of A Matted Stray Dog Will Leave You In Awe

This Incredible Transformation Of A Matted Stray Dog Will Leave You In Awe

Imagine that you are so alone and abandoned that you don’t even know who you are. Unfortunately, there are plenty of cases in the dog world when a pup wanders around for years and nobody cares about his condition. 

By their nature, dogs are creatures that are very attached to people. But, when there is nobody to take care of them, they can become so neglected that it is difficult to recognize them. 

Now, just imagine the inner state of those dogs, as it is a true reflection of how they look from the outside, yet even worse.

This is exactly what the heroine of today’s story realized, who did absolutely everything to help a dog that was in such bad condition that even his face could not be seen.

Catching This Dog Seemed Impossible

There was this one mysterious dog that was wandering around the streets of Rowan for years. Many people tried to rescue him, but it was always unsuccessful. 

The dog was so neglected and extremely matted that it was impossible to tell if it was a male or a female. 

One day, two rescuers of STAR (Saving the Animals of Rowan), in Rowan, Kentucky, noticed the dog in one of the neighborhoods and they were determined to save this poor pup. 

One of the rescuers, whose name is Penny, was especially motivated because she was sure that this dog wanted to be saved, but because of its distrust of people, it avoided any contact with them. 

For the first few days, she just followed it to see where it was going, so that she and her colleague, Rhonda, could follow it more easily.

After about three days, she came a little closer, so that it could smell her and get used to it. It was the first step in gaining the dog’s trust. 

This went on for a few days until Penny came up with a good idea. 

They Somehow Managed To Gain Its Trust

Penny and Rhonda brought a kennel near where this dog usually passes by. They had to lure it in somehow, so they decided to put some chicken in there.

It was the 17th day of their rescue mission, but they hadn’t accomplished anything yet. That’s why Penny decided to put a trail of chicken near the kennel, so that the dog would at least get closer to it. 

Even that didn’t work at first, but only two days later, the dog came to that place, unable to resist the smell of that juicy chicken. 

For the next three days, the pup ate from that place, but did not want to go to the kennel. Then, Monday morning came, the 22nd day of the rescue, when Penny and Rhonda noticed that the dog was in front of the kennel. 

They waited excitedly with their fingers crossed, and that moment finally happened. They immediately pulled the rope that was attached to the door and it quickly closed. 

The dog did not fight, growl, or try to bite them. It knew they were there to help and they also knew that they had gained its trust. 

This Dog Finally Got Its Identity, But Also A New Life

The “mission impossible” was finally over and their first destination was a “Barbershop”, i.e., Penny’s House, where the dog was given a haircut by Rhonda and another of their colleagues, named Laura

They finally knew – It was a girl! And, a really beautiful girl that was now unrecognizable after the treatment. They named her Miley.

Penny was chosen to be her foster mom, but she did not agree with that. Instead, she decided to immediately adopt her. Miley became so close to her heart in those 22 days that she spent with her that she simply had no other choice.

Miley, along with two other dogs, called Jack and Oscar, became a full member of the family.

So, in the end, after two and a half long years of agony, in just 22 days, this dog’s life turned into the most beautiful fairy tale. She definitely deserved it.