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The Sweetest Dog Makes It Her Mission To Pawtect Babies By Stealing Chicken Eggs

The Sweetest Dog Makes It Her Mission To Pawtect Babies By Stealing Chicken Eggs

Now, here’s a thriller plot you’d never expect to see in a four-legged world – a dog, a chicken, and a missing egg. How ‘bout that?

For Bailey, though – that’s just another day in “the office!”

Unlike most Bloodhounds that keep themselves busy hunting scent, this North Carolina sweetie is mostly preoccupied with “evacuating” her feathered siblings to be in a safe zone. But, that’s also a responsible job, too, right?

I’m A Lifesaver, Not A Twoublemaker, Mom

The only truth acceptable is that in all of her “evacuation plans”, Bailey always comes out as a hero. Okay, her momma sometimes sees her as a bit of a troublemaker, but even she isn’t immune to her brilliance. 

“It’s like she knows there’s a baby chicken in there,” she told Cuddle Buddies.

For Destiny, everything started out as a simple farm-life plan. She runs a non-profit rescue farm on Ridge Rd, Tobaccoville, North Carolina, while learning how to homestead. 

Never in her wildest dreams could she imagine that she’d end up simultaneously making thousands of people roll in the aisles… all because of Bailey’s hauntingly cute obsession!

Okay, onto the serious questions now! 

What does Bailey do with all those eggs when she steals them? And, where exactly does she hide them?

She’s a master of camouflage, I’ll give her that! For starters, whenever her momma tries to question her about the eggs, she makes sure to cover them well under her droopy lips

And, then she usually buries them

But, throughout that whole process, there’s one thing Bailey never does. She never, ever breaks them!

“People always ask me how she never breaks the eggs. I honestly have no idea except to guess she loves the eggs so much she’ll do anything to keep it safe” Destiny explains in an Instagram post.

Don’t get me wrong. Eggs, chickens, and (for the most part) ducks are not the only responsibility Bailey has! 

She also has her watchful eye on goats, donkeys, pigs, cats, and rabbits! Given all the coyotes and foxes around, she has plenty of work to do, yet she never fails to deliver. Bailey’s not only an egg-keeper – she’s also a brilliant farm guardian.

A Bloodhound Or A Chickenhound?

A lot of people wonder how a full-blooded Bloodhound like Bailey never gets tempted to chase all those farm animals – or at least the small ones?

And, usually, there’s only one explanation for that. Bailey’s a gentle giant!

“A lot of people ask me: ‘How do you have a Bloodhound that doesn’t attack your farm animals?’ But that’s what makes her beautiful because she’s a gentle giant. She lets all of the chickens jump all over her and she never moves, says Destiny.

With all of her affection spared for chickens and other farm animals, she’s more of a Chickenhound – if the Bloodhound council ever agrees to let her out of their club. 

Bailey is what can only be described as the pawfect companion. Despite all of her quirks (and her egg-thusiasm), she brings only joy to her entire family. 

“What she’s here for is to bring everybody the joy and the love that she brings me. That’s why I love sharing her with the world because she’s just so special,” her mom admits.

Being in her shoes isn’t always easy, no matter how it looks. With all those temptations around her, Bailey always manages to keep her composure, while at the same time, showering everyone with love.

Okay, protecting eggs is out of the equation this time. But, her momma is definitely on board, as she doesn’t mind having a little egg quest on the farm every once in a while. 

She does a little search herself while giving Bailey tons of fun and a memorable adventure. And, Bailey’s other name is adventure.  

Egg-citing, right?