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The Saddest Dog Transforms Into A Happy Pup After Feeling Loved For The First Time

The Saddest Dog Transforms Into A Happy Pup After Feeling Loved For The First Time

Dogs are gentle souls who need love and care in order to blossom into happy and healthy canines. Taking proper care of our furry companions and loving them boundlessly is our commitment.

Sadly, some dog owners neglect and mistreat their pups. That’s why instead of enjoying life, some doggos end up feeling sad and defeated.

In our following story, we’ll talk about Digby, one of those sad and broken canines who badly needed someone to care for him and give him the love he never had.

Just when the pooch gave up on himself, his hero came to his rescue and transformed his life. Let’s see how his story unfolds.

First Encounter With Digby

When a local woman saw Digby on the street, she was shocked by the terrible condition he was in. He was skinny and had no fur. He looked like he had a skin condition, and he walked with his head bent, trying to avoid eye contact with humans.

The woman contacted Aron Hughes, a dog rescuer and the founder of Sun and Sage Rescues, and asked him to help the pup.

Aron immediately rushed to the street where the dog was last seen. 

When he found the canine, he was saddened to see him looking defeated and broken. He tried talking to him, but the pooch kept walking without paying any attention to him. Aron noticed that the skittish pup was limping.

Aron followed him and found out that the dog’s name was Digby and that he had an owner.

After seeing Digby’s terrible condition, it was decided that the pup needed to be taken to the vet and rehomed afterwards. 

He was put into a cage, and Aron approached him and looked at him up close. Aron’s heart broke after seeing Digby’s sad eyes and hearing his howling. He reassured him that everything would be fine. 

Giving Him The Love And Care He Needed All Along

Digby was taken to the vet. Once he was given the necessary treatment, Digby moved to a shelter. He was estimated to be 5 years old. 

In the beginning, Digby seemed aggressive and he didn’t let anyone come near him. Aron knew that the doggo felt betrayed and he was determined to rebuild his trust in humans.

He came to visit him, and he sat next to him, trying to make him feel relaxed. Digby let him touch his paw for the first time. The canine looked like he had given up on himself and he refused to go on walks with Aron.

After some time, Aron succeeded in gaining Digby’s trust and the doggo let him stroke him. Aron was happy to finally give some love to Digby. There was a spark in Digby’s eyes. The pooch was beginning to believe that there was hope for him after all.

Aron cuddled the pup often and made him feel safe. Digby finally agreed to get out of the cage, and Aron was excited to take him on his first walk. 

It was wonderful to see Digby wagging his tail. His eyes filled with hope. He snuggled with Aron and soaked up all the love he gave him, covering his face in sweet kisses.

Aron contacted many experts about Digby’s deformed paw. They agreed that it was better to leave the paw as it was since it would be extremely difficult to fix it. 

Digby Transforms Into A Happy Pup And Finds A Home

Digby’s skin healed and new fur started to grow. The lovely canine recovered, and he was eager to go to a foster home.

After a few months, Digby found a forever home. 

Aron went to visit him, and as soon as the pooch saw him, he showered him with kisses. Aron was overjoyed to witness Digby’s transformation from a defeated dog to a happy pup.

“I’m so so happy when I come back and see, see dogs like Digby when they seemed so hopeless and they seemed to have nothing left in the tank and almost given up. And that’s what he was like. And now he’s just the sweetest. He always was such a nice, such a nice dog. He is really, really happy.”

Digby finally enjoyed his life and he had the home he always dreamed of having.