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The Golden Pup Enjoys Her Favorite Show While Waiting For The Vet To Receive Her

The Golden Pup Enjoys Her Favorite Show While Waiting For The Vet To Receive Her

Most of us are somewhat afraid of going to the doctor. Blood sampling and various medical examinations are things that make all of us get goosebumps. And, waiting in front of the doctor’s office is probably the most uncomfortable time.

It is the same with dogs waiting to be received by their veterinarian. Most dogs’ fur stands on end when they have to go to the vet.

However, there are also those braver ones who are able to remain completely calm while sitting in the waiting room. Some are even able to watch their favorite show and enjoy it as if nothing is happening.

Calmly Enjoying Her Favorite Squirrel Show

Akira seems to be an ordinary dog. This Golden Retriever loves everything that other dogs love – to play, cuddle, and enjoy her hooman parents.

However, there was something specific (and amazing) about this pup that Mel Cies, the hospital manager of VCA Panther Lake Veterinary, in Washington, could one day see for herself. 

While waiting for her turn at the vet, unlike other dogs, Akira was very calm and even enjoyed her favorite squirrel videos on dad’s iPhone. 

“Never in my 7 years working in the vet industry as a hospital manager have I seen a dog so calm at the vet!” Cies told in an interview for The Dodo. “It was so amazing!”

For Cies, it was such an amazing moment that she couldn’t resist recording the scene. 

Squirrels Always Made Her Happy

Word quickly spread throughout Washington and beyond about this Golden Retriever who sits relaxed while waiting for the vet and watches her favorite squirrel show.

The public wanted to know more about her and how it is possible for a dog to be so calm and composed before going to the “notorious” vet.

So, Akira’s dad, Darin Beam, revealed in an interview with The Dodo that actually, one of her favorite activities is watching squirrels in the back yard, and that nothing else can distract her at that moment.

Realizing this, Darin figured he could find her plenty of squirrel videos to enjoy, especially when she was nervous or in a bad mood.

“If we ever need her to stay still, we show her a squirrel video,” Beam told The Dodo.

Of course, this dog’s days don’t go by just watching squirrel videos. She loves spending time cuddling with her parents in the yard as well. 

“Akira has really been a blessing!” Beam said. “My wife couldn’t imagine life without her now!”

However, although in most respects, she is the same as her furry relatives, unlike them, she will be remembered as a dog who is not afraid of the vet and who has a “real” reason for it!