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The “Frozen” Dog Wouldn’t Move Until One Woman Surprisingly Warmed Her Up

The “Frozen” Dog Wouldn’t Move Until One Woman Surprisingly Warmed Her Up

It is not unusual that you frequently see a dog wandering around the streets or waiting in front of some store for his owner while he buys basic groceries. 

That’s how it seemed at first for one young lady. It was a regular day for Christina Farley, as she was heading to her local grocery store to buy some bread and milk for breakfast.  

As she approached the entrance, she saw a dog standing motionless near the front door. At first, everything seemed ordinary because, after all, she was in the “pet parking” area. But, a few seconds later, she noticed something strange. 

Strange Situation In Front Of Grocery Store

“She was just staring out at the street, frozen,” Farley said for The Dodo. “She wouldn’t move from that position.”

It was a very strange sight, but at first, Farley still thought the pup was just startled. So, she decided not to touch her and see what would happen after she exited the store. 

When she was done with buying her groceries, she found a Good Samaritan petting the pup. But, to her surprise, the dog was still in the same place, in the same position. 

She couldn’t leave her there just like that, so she decided to stay with her, and they were together for over two hours in front of the grocery store. 

Ordinary strangers and employees of the store were passing by, but nobody knew where she came from. Aside from that, she still didn’t move from her starting position. 

“She wouldn’t eat or drink, she wouldn’t explore around,” Farley said. “You couldn’t lure her anywhere.”

In the meantime, they were trying their best to find her a shelter, but all in vain. Every shelter in the area was full. 

After three grueling hours of trying to help her, the situation seemed hopeless. 

When Good Souls Unite, There Is Always A Way Out

Finally, there was some hope when a young woman walked by, and after hearing this shocking story, she offered to foster her temporarily. 

But, there was still an underlying problem. The dog just didn’t want to move! 

They were left without a solution, and they did not want to forcibly move this poor puppy. That was until the miracle happened. 

One woman overheard the conversation while walking her small dog, and she immediately offered a solution. 

Farley and others were suspicious at first because this woman appeared out of nowhere, and immediately thought she could solve the problem just like that. However, this dog owner showed that she knew what she was doing. 

She took the harness off her little puppy and put it on the “frozen” one. An ordinary dog harness worked like a magic cloak on this “frozen” pup, as her demeanor completely changed at that moment. 

“Instantly, her tail started wagging, and she immediately walked with us,” Farley said. “It was bizarre. That’s how we knew for sure that she was a house dog.”

Living Like A Princess In Her New Castle

After most of the problems were solved, they once again tried to find her real owner by taking her to a local dog park. Unfortunately, nobody recognized her. 

However, there was a plan B, as earlier that day, one woman voluntarily applied to be her new foster mom. That was, of course, until they were able to find her the perfect forever home. 

However, that night with her new mommy was one of the best in her life. She was so happy that she excitedly played in the woman’s home for hours until it was time to go to sleep. 

More happy news was to come, as it was not long after that her foster mom found her a new home where she could start her new life. 

Once frozen in fear, she became a real princess for her new family, and they even decided to call her “Princesa”. 

“She lives outside of the city in a wide-open country farmhouse,” Farley said. “It’s the perfect life for her.”

A true princess in a castle that she definitely deserved.