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The Dog Leads Rescuers In Search Of Her Puppies In A True Roller Coaster Of Emotions

The Dog Leads Rescuers In Search Of Her Puppies In A True Roller Coaster Of Emotions

There is nothing bigger than the love of a mother for her children, no matter the species. It is hard to imagine what she is willing to do to protect them and provide them with everything they need.

Sometimes, a mother dog will go so far as to hide her puppies even from those who want to help her. At the same time, she will always find a way to do it right, even if she has to struggle a lot in order to bring herself to the edge of strength.

However, in such a state, she could make a mistake, but one that would ultimately lead to a happy outcome.

A Mysterious Dog Was Finally Rescued

photo of a dog by metal fence
Source: The Dodo

Locals in Fowler, Fresno, California, noticed one dog that was appearing frequently, but just as they would locate her, she would disappear again. 

For two full months, it was like that until Krystle Woodward, the founder of the animal rescue group, Pinky Paws ResQ, heard about this case. 

As soon as that happened, Betty started forging a plan to get to her, and one Tuesday, she finally took action.

photo of dog sitting
Source: @pinkypaws

“I surprised Betty Boop, as we named her later, during my break at work,” Krystle posted on the foundation’s Facebook page “She fled when I found her down. My husband ran with the van to grab her and save Betty Boop during my lunch hour on Thursday.”

Her husband, Allen Woodward, somehow managed to get her successfully. After the work, he and Krystle went to the vet. They had to be certain she wasn’t sick. 

But, when Krystle heard that she had just recently given birth and was breastfeeding, she burst into tears. She was thinking about all those puppies starving to death. 

An Unexpected Search Full Of Emotions

woman walking the dog on a leash
Source: The Dodo

Krystle knew that they needed to act quickly if they wanted to see the happy reunion of Mommy and her babies. Kenneth Stoen, an elementary school student, was summoned by Krystle’s friend’s son to help with the puppy rescue as well. 

“We’re just gonna walk a little bit to see if maybe she wants to get to some babies,” Krystle stated. 

She also played some puppy sounds on her phone, as she was told that that could help. But, at first, there seemed to be no help and she slowly started losing hope. 

It wasn’t until they got close to one abandoned house that Betty Boop got very excited. Krystle immediately knew what it was about. Is there a place where dogs and their puppies hide more often than an abandoned house?

At first, when they entered the house, they did not hear anything, and it was difficult to tell where the dogs were. However, the mama dog was leading them in the right direction and, finally, they could hear a soft moan. 

Suddenly, they found themselves on half-cracked boards, under which, the voices of small puppies could be clearly heard. Right after that, mama Betty jumped into the basement to finally be close to her babies.

woman wearing headlamp holding two puppies
Source: @pinkypaws

Krystle couldn’t hold back the tears of joy when she saw the happiness in Betty’s eyes and the excited puppies jumping around her. Moments like this are actually what you live for. 

The Most Wonderful Ending

With their combined efforts, Krystle and Kenneth took out the dogs one by one and counted 10 of them. All the puppies were there. In the end, they pulled out a visibly happy Mama from the hole. 

Finally, mom and her children were safe, and she slowly took care of them, although she was taking a lot of rest, and for good reason. 

photo of dog and puppies
Source: @pinkypaws

The most wonderful thing for them was when they realized she was going back to feed her babies every time some of them would moan. It was proof that she was a great mom. 

It was a very happy ending after all, as all of her babies got well and healthy. One by one, they named them Amber, Citrine, Copper, Jade, Jasper, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Rubyloo, and Sage. 

All these cute little ones found their happy home after some time. When it comes to the mother, she didn’t go far. With all they’d been through together, Krystle didn’t have the heart to say goodbye, so Betty Boop stayed with her and her husband.

woman lying in bed with dog
Source: @pinkypaws