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These Are 6 Telltale Signs Your Dog Really Trusts You

These Are 6 Telltale Signs Your Dog Really Trusts You

Most people who have owned a dog know that dogs are very easy-going and have faith in us completely. Then, you have dogs who have been abused their whole life and require very special care to trust anyone ever again.

It is a complicated matter because there are many dogs that will have a hard time creating trust in us. That begs the questions, how can we know if our dog trusts us, and how do we develop it?

Well, in this article, we will talk about 6 signs you can easily identify to know your dog trusts you.

1. He Likes Cuddles And Snuggles

the dog enjoys being petted

This is the most obvious sign that your dog has trust in you. Scientists say that canines typically like to sleep in the most comfortable places.[1] 

If he likes to sleep in your room, or sleep with you, that means he not only feels comfortable there, but also feels safe there and trusts you.

2. He Learns All Your Routines

Unlike humans, dogs develop trust differently. If you want your dog to have faith in you, then you need to simply ensure that he has all the commodities a canine would need in life.

That’s why it’s important to develop routines with your dog that he can actively follow. Feeding time is the best example of this. 

If you taught your dog that lunch is always at 2 p.m., then he will acquire that knowledge after a certain amount of time and trust that you will always bring him something to eat at that particular moment.

3. Rolling On His Back

the dog is lying on the tiles on its back while the man is petting it

This is a more obvious one, but a lot of people probably don’t understand why this is an important factor.

In dogs, the most vulnerable part of their body is their belly, so if he’s rolling on his back, exposing his belly, and begging for belly rubs, he’s indicating that he has complete trust in you.[2] 

So, make sure you don’t ignore it, and give him some much-needed belly rubs, as they are shown to soothe dogs.

4. He Follows Your Lead

This is something I think most people underestimate when it comes to dogs. When your dog is in a new environment, or exposed to something he doesn’t understand, he will always turn to you for answers and guidance.

If he is being reserved and is staying close to you, waiting for some response, then that is how you know he trusts you.

5. He Loves Training

Golden retriever jumping on woman during walking

Another underrated aspect of trust is training your dog in a creative way. Sure, it can be a bit difficult to do, but it’s always important to stay patient and always reward your dog when he does something right.

This will not only help you both bond over fun activities, but it will also increase his trust in you. However, don’t be discouraged if your dog is not always responding well to training. 

It doesn’t always mean that he doesn’t trust you. Some dogs develop a certain caution from humans due to many years of neglect and abuse, so it can take them a while to develop complete faith in someone.

6. Eye Contact Is Key

Last on the list, but certainly not the least, is eye contact. This is probably the most important way you can know a dog has faith in you.

Some studies show that eye contact with your dog can increase the oxytocin levels in both the dog and the human.[3] 

This is why it’s so important to have meaningful eye contact with your dog when you are speaking to him or addressing him, as it can help build trust.

To Conclude

As already stated, trust is the most important factor when owning a dog. Always actively try to bond with your furry friend and try to follow some of the examples listed here, as they might be helpful to you.

Just remember to be patient with your dog and try to find some consistency in your routines. As author, Sandie Jones, once said: Trust is a funny thing: it takes such a long time to build, yet it’s broken in a second.


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