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This Teeny-Tiny Pup Fitting In Her Owner’s T-Shirt Pocket Is The Cutest Thing

This Teeny-Tiny Pup Fitting In Her Owner’s T-Shirt Pocket Is The Cutest Thing

We love them no matter what they are – big or small. For every owner, his dog is special and he expresses his love to him in a special way.

However, we must admit that it is always extra cute to see a tiny puppy and that the heart of every human, especially its owner, leaps when it is in his arms. 

That’s exactly how one man felt, whose puppy was so small it fit in his shirt pocket. When he shared this cute scene with other people, he melted so many hearts. 

We have no doubt that it will leave the same impression on you. 

“Pocket Frenchie”

man putting tiny dog in a pocket
Source: @dillon_jim

An Instagram video posted by @dillon_jim, shows the man from Shady Dale, Georgia, hiding something in his T-shirt. The woman who was filming him curiously approached to see what it was about, asking, “What’s in your pocket?”

When she got close enough to him, he opened a pocket from which a small black head emerged, and one can already guess what it was about. By saying the words, “It’s a little Frenchie”, this man confirmed the assumption. 

With her very small ears that first came to the surface, the never-tinier French Bulldog appeared. After her owner confirmed that she was smaller than a mouse, the woman recording the video started laughing with delight at the chance to see this amazing little being. 

frenchie sleeping in tshirt
Source: @dillon_jim

Besides being cute and heart-melting, this video also shows us how tiny some of our furry companions are when they first see the light of day. 

According to Pawlicy Advisor, female French Bulldogs weigh 3 to 6 lbs by their first month. It could be easily stated that this Frenchie does not even exceed 3 lbs, but that is no wonder considering that she is only 4 days old. 

However, we leave it to you to judge for yourself after you watch the super cute video. 

Many Reactions

The scene showing a tiny Frenchie in a pocket has not only delighted these two people from Shady Dale, Georgia, but many others around the world. It is the video that caught the attention of millions and melted many hearts. 

social network comments
Source: @dillon_jim

“How precious!!!” one user wrote. 

“So precious and so tiny, absolutely adorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” another added. 

And the third quipped: “Reminds me of the Ep of Adventure time with Fin had Jake in his shirt pocket 😍”

Although many were satisfied with the video, some still resented this man, believing that the puppy could not breathe or move in his pocket. In addition, some wondered why the puppy was not with her mother. 

However, he quickly replied to them, saying that the mother was with the rest of the litter and that this Frenchie was too small at the moment to compete with the others for milk.

That’s when all those skeptics calmed down, and all they had to do was enjoy this sweet video with most of the other viewers.