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Sweetest Stray Dog Got A New Chance In Life After A Dreadful Injury

Sweetest Stray Dog Got A New Chance In Life After A Dreadful Injury

These days, not many dogs are lucky enough to enjoy the warmth of a home and the love of their favorite people. Unfortunately, we can meet stray dogs at every corner of the street nowadays, regardless of the number of organizations that warn about this situation.

One of the many strays found her refuge at one construction site. If anything, the workers there occasionally left her some food and petted her, so life was at least a little brighter. 

That went on for almost a year until this poor pup had an accident. Little did she know that this occurrence would change her life forever. 

Door To A New Life

sweet stray dog
Source: Howl Of A Dog

After she found herself in an unfortunate situation, this poor dog broke her leg. It was a nasty injury and she needed help quickly. Sadly, no one noticed her, and she had to suffer in pain for almost three days.

Luckily, one good soul named Cristina saw her lying injured in the middle of the construction site at the last minute. She immediately took the poor dog in her arms and brought her to a nearby veterinary clinic. 

When the vets examined her, they found out that she had a double fracture. She underwent repair surgery and Cristina covered all her medical expenses. This kind-hearted woman was so moved by the fate of the poor dog that she simply had no other choice.

injured brown stray dog
Source: Howl Of A Dog

However, Cristina could not do more than that, but she managed to agree with the two workers on the construction site to provide her with a foster home

A garden shed was her home for two months, and during that time, her temporary owners were trying everything to find her a forever home. Unfortunately, after a lot of effort, they did not succeed. 

curious dog
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Instead, they decided to turn to Howl Of A Dog, who they asked to continue to care for the dog until they could find her a forever family. Without much thought, the people from the rescue organization accepted their request.

This brave girl was finally in safe hands, and the future was suddenly brighter as her accident led her to the door of a new life. 

Her Happy Ending

happy adopted dog with a new owner
Source: Howl Of A Dog

As soon as they met her, employees and volunteers of the rescue organization immediately fell in love with this dog. She was super playful and joyful, and most of all, she was as sweet as honey. It was for this reason that they decided to name her Honey. 

Despite her injury and the fact that she was still recovering from surgery, Honey was full of energy and didn’t stop jumping around and playing. She was the sweetest face there, and after the rescue organization shared her story in their Facebook post, Honey became loved by many. 

very cute brown dog
Source: Howl Of A Dog

In addition to numerous people showering her with positive comments, one company even donated her a beautiful leash. It was the best proof of how popular and loved Honey became. After that, numerous adoption offers also came. 

However, Honey was not yet ready for a new chapter in her life because she still had an orthopedic implant. Her leg had to recover for at least another six months before her new beginning. 

Although this period seemed so long at first, time flew by quickly, and that day eventually came. Finally, a Facebook post appeared with the title: “Honey at her forever home.🏠❤️.”

newly adopted dog
Source: Howl Of A Dog 

They also noted that she was living the most amazing life in a dog-friendly town by the sea and enjoying the lovely coast. Her adoptive dad was particularly happy and delighted. 

“She is such a lovely, lovely dog. She has made so many friends here and many of the shops have treats ready for her. I really could not have been luckier when I was able to adopt her,” he said.

“Thank you so much Nigel for adopting this sweet soul❤,” Howl Of A Dog wrote in the end.