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Sweet Pup Became Numb After He Was Abandoned But Then He Met Someone Who Changed His Life

Sweet Pup Became Numb After He Was Abandoned But Then He Met Someone Who Changed His Life

There is perhaps no greater bond than that between a man and his dog. It’s a friendship that has stood the test of time and will continue to grow with each passing year.

However, even today, when we live in better times, there are still so many people who are misguided and do not appreciate their dog’s friendship.

This has become pretty common, and it means that a lot of people have found it easier to abandon their pups because it’s easier than finding them a new home.

However, what they don’t understand is how much mental trauma they are inflicting on the poor dogs. 

This particular dog was surrendered by his owner in a shelter in California and he pretty much grew numb when he realized his favorite person was not coming back for him.

A Cry For Help

frightened dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Even though Casper’s situation seemed dire, he still needed someone to help him. He just didn’t realize it at the time.

Rocky Kanaka, a famous pet rescue advocate from California, decided to help this dog recover from his trauma.

He noticed that the dog was quite scared but didn’t want to spook him, so he entered his room through a back door.

man sitting next to a dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Because he didn’t want to alarm him, he simply stood by his side for a while. The pup could have attacked him purely out of instinct and that would have hindered any chance of recovery.

Casper pretty much looked away and ignored Kanaka completely. He talked in his presence for a while because he thought it would help him relax.

He gave him some treats to see if he would go for it, but it did not happen. Kanaka was so surprised by just how numb he was to all of his attempts to help.

Because he was running out of ideas, he thought a good thing would be to sing softly in his presence. He tried that and noticed that the dog started sniffing him for a brief second.

shelter worker petting the dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

While it doesn’t seem like much, it’s still something. Now that he was done with that, he called one of the workers, Alexis, on his phone and asked for Casper’s story.

She told him that the owners pretty much just left him and refused to pick him up again. They later emailed the shelter and explained that they didn’t want him.

He was with them for a year so it baffled Kanaka as to how they could just abandon Casper like that. 

Casper Received Good News

man woman and dog sitting on the floor
Source: Rocky Kanaka

He now realized that it was even more important to help him come out of his depression because he wanted Casper to find a new family.

Just when he thought he was maybe pressuring him a bit too much to relax, a woman named Jennifer came into the room, and his attitude immediately changed.

She had been his favorite person there and Casper would only relax in her presence. She lay on the floor and he went to hug her.

The change surprised Kanaka but this was his chance to try and befriend Casper. The two remained with him for a while and just talked. 

man holding the dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

This meant the world to Casper. Just after this one meeting, he was at ease with Kanaka, and he was able to pet him as well.

He wanted to help potential adopters see this dog for who he is, so they took a picture of Jennifer and Casper together. This was a good idea.

Unsurprisingly, this worked out very well. With the story being shared, this amazing dog became quite popular, so a wonderful family came to adopt him and give him a new life.