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This Sweet Dog Went From Living In A Parking Lot To Being A Model

This Sweet Dog Went From Living In A Parking Lot To Being A Model

Life knows how to write incredible stories – those in which the situation can be completely reversed, sometimes for the worse, but sometimes for the better.

When it comes to dogs, every dog’s dream is to find a forever home and a family that will love him unconditionally.

But, in certain situations, fate can play so much that it catapults us from the very bottom to the very top overnight.

She Immediately Attracted Attention At The Animal Shelter

golden retriever sitting
Source: PetSmart

Layla’s story is the one we all love to hear. This 2-year-old Golden Retriever was found by an animal rescue while she was roaming around a gas station parking lot, dirty and alone. 

Rescuers quickly took care of her and transferred her to Heidi’s Village Animal Shelter, in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Honestly, it was only a matter of time before someone recognized her beauty and positive energy and welcomed her into their home.

A woman from Phoenix, named Rebecca Crews, was the lucky one because one day, completely by chance, she stopped by Heidi’s Village and immediately noticed this beautiful golden girl. 

“I passed a brand-new-looking rescue I’d never heard of before called Heidi’s Village in Phoenix, Arizona,” Crews said in an interview for The Dodo. “When I was taken back to the kennels, I immediately noticed [Layla].”

Although she had to consult her husband, they quickly made the decision to adopt her. She just knew that Layla was the perfect match for the family, and that was immediately clear when they met before the adoption. 

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She Quickly Became A Star

Unlike other adopters who adopt their new, favorite pets just to cuddle and play with them, Crews had bigger plans for Layla.

“I began taking Layla to work with me at the PetSmart home office shortly after adopting her, and she was amazing,” Rebecca said. “She’s the perfect desk companion.”

Crews works on the company’s social media team, and she needed a naturally photogenic pup. Layla could not have been a better choice, as she quickly started her successful modeling career, bringing joy to millions of followers. 

golden retriever dog thriving
Source: @petsmart

“[She] just had a natural talent for it and that’s why I started volunteering her for more photo shoots,” Crews said. “She gets a treat in between every take, gets to play with a toy during outfit changes and, of course, gets lots of pets from the team.”

Still, She Finds Time For Her Loving Family

No matter how many responsibilities this overworked Golden Retriever has, she always finds time to enjoy her warm, loving home.

One of her favorite activities is watching sports, especially tennis. Whenever Rafael Nadal plays, Layla has to watch the match and cheer.

However, what fulfills her the most, like all men’s best friends, is the time spent with her family. She loves everything from snuggling and cuddling to kisses – lots of kisses. 

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This is proof that Layla is an ordinary dog ​​at heart who just wants the love of her loved ones. In addition, she has a special talent that she successfully uses to make her parents happy, as well as many other people who admire her.