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Naked Stray Pup Who Was Distrustful Of Humans Turns Into The Cuddliest Teddy Bear

Naked Stray Pup Who Was Distrustful Of Humans Turns Into The Cuddliest Teddy Bear

After spending a lot of time on the streets, some stray canines stop believing that they will ever find happiness. 

Bobby was one of the homeless dogs who lost all hope of ever changing his life. 

He roamed around with a dejected expression. The canine directed his sad gaze toward the road without expecting any help from humans.

Reto, a dog rescuer and founder of a shelter, happened to be riding his motorcycle along the same road. 

The giant-hearted man stopped in his tracks after he saw that the stray dog almost got hit by other cyclists.

Reto knew that he had to rescue the doggo as soon as possible.

Bringing The Dog To Safety

The kind rescuer approached the pup, later named Bobby, and he began talking to him.

Reto’s heart became filled with sadness after he saw the canine up close. 

Bobby was in a bad state. He was emaciated, and apart from a couple of tiny strands of fur on his wrinkled skin, he had no fur.  

The pooch knew he needed help, but he was frightened and distrustful of people.

Luckily, Reto refused to give up on him and he succeeded in capturing Bobby. 

He rushed the pooch to the vet right away.

The pup still looked incredibly sad. He didn’t realize that his life would change. 

The vet gave him a medical checkup. 

Bobby was diagnosed with parasites, scabies, and a fungal infection. He needed to stay at the clinic in order to receive the necessary treatment.

Reto wanted to give Bobby all the love that he missed while he lived on the streets, but Bobby wasn’t ready to trust him.

Every time the giant-hearted rescuer and the dog’s caregivers touched Bobby, he tried to bite them. 

Reto knew that the pooch needed time to open his heart to love.

Life At The Shelter

stray pup in bad condition
Source: The Dodo

After the pup was discharged from the hospital, Reto brought him to his shelter.

The good human took care of Bobby and spent a lot of time with him. He hand-fed the pup and showered him with positive words.

Gradually, Bobby began enjoying his hero’s company. 

Owing to the kindness and compassion Reto showed him, the pup’s heart started glimmering with hope. 

naked stray pup
Source: The Dodo

It took him three weeks to completely trust his rescuer. 

“… And this was the moment where his mind completely changed. From this beginning, he was a really friendly and lovely dog,” Reto told The Dodo.

Having realized that life was beautiful, Bobby couldn’t stop smiling. 

He finally believed that destiny had great things in store for him. 

The doggo’s skin healed, and new fur started regrowing. 

Two months later, Bobby turned into a gorgeous canine. His fur was fluffy and soft.

happy pup
Source: The Dodo

Bobby turned out to be a cuddle bug. He feels the happiest when he snuggles with Reto. 

As much as the pooch enjoys taking in his rescuer’s love, his heart yearns to find a loving home of his own.

Bobby keeps waiting for his forever family with a smile on his face. He hopes that his humans will find him soon and give him all the love he truly deserves.