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Sweetest Stray Pup Just Wanted A Home So He Entered A Ranch And Politely Asked For Help

Sweetest Stray Pup Just Wanted A Home So He Entered A Ranch And Politely Asked For Help

It was just a regular Saturday for Alexandra Waychoff and her family, the owners of a ranch in North Carolina. Not knowing that they were in for a surprise, the family was enjoying a sunny day and doing some work in the yard.

Suddenly, a stray pup they never met before appeared out of nowhere and ran into their driveway.

The doggo was malnourished, hungry, and extremely friendly. The moment she arrived, she ran into the arms of Waychoff’s 11-year-old son.

The family felt compelled to help the delightful stray who was in need of help and compassion.

Extending A Helping Hand

dog lying on the floor
Source: @wildwayranch

The kind-hearted humans gave her a bath and removed some ticks from her fur. 

Since they weren’t sure whether the doggo was completely healthy, they decided not to bring her into their house to meet their other dogs. 

The family made her a bed in a barn. They thought that the stray pup wouldn’t stay long at the ranch and that she would eventually find her way back home.

The next morning, when the family got up, they were surprised to see the same pup curled up in front of their door.

dog lying by the door
Source: @wildwayranch

Her eyes looked sad, and she seemed to be asking for help.

Waychoff and her family began thinking that the pup had nowhere to go and they took her to the vet.

They learned that the stray pup was a Carolina dog – an ancient and rare breed that’s known for being feral.

“She looks to be around a year old, is very thin and doesn’t look like she’s been fed regularly. She has intestinal worms, fleas and ticks, and her ankle looks to have recently healed from a break,” Waychoff told Newsweek.

After finding out that the pooch didn’t have a microchip, the good people took her into their care. 

close-up photo of the stray dog
Source: @wildwayranch

Since she first arrived on May 4th, they decided to name her Leia, a reference to Star Wars.

They began giving her treatment in order to remove the fleas and ticks from her body. Leia was grateful for their help. 

Receiving The Love She Always Needed

woman and dog cuddling
Source: @wildwaylife

Waychoff and her family quickly bonded with the canine, and they gave her all their love.

Leia loved lying in Waychoff’s arms, soaking up her affection. She felt safe and calm.

The more time the Waychoffs spent with Leia, the more they fell in love with her loving personality.

dog lying on a wooden patio
Source: @wildwaylife

From the day Leia wandered onto their property, Waychoff shared the pup’s videos on her TikTok account, hoping to inspire her followers to help animals in need.

“…I hope that videos like mine help people open their hearts to all types of animals and inspire them to treat animals well no matter what,” she added.

The family gave Leia time to adapt to life on the North Carolina ranch. 

They slowly began introducing her to Bo Brando, their rescue cat, and to their other dogs, Stella, a German Shepherd, and Capone, a Goldendoodle.

The Waychoffs were convinced that Leia’s wandering into their lives wasn’t a coincidence.

dog and boy sitting on the ground
Source: @wildwayranch

On May 7th, 2024, Waychoff shared amazing news. The sweet pup captivated the family’s heart, and they decided to give her a forever home.

“Even though she’s only been with us for a few days, we bonded to her and feel that she was sent to us for a reason. We’ve decided to keep her and give her the best life we can, because her beautiful doggie soul deserves it,” she wrote in a TikTok video.

I couldn’t be happier that Leia listened to her heart, which led her to the family of her dreams. The wonderful canine deserves to live a life filled with love.