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Stray Pittie Makes An Incredible Transformation After She Meets Her Amazing New Mom

Stray Pittie Makes An Incredible Transformation After She Meets Her Amazing New Mom

No dog is broken by default. It takes a traumatic journey and reckless ownership for these four-legged furballs to forget their natural companionship purpose, and Pattie, here, is exhibit A!

This wonderful, white Pittie girl just had a litter, and yet, she was found without her babies. Anxious and traumatized, to say that she’s been through a lot is an understatement. 

She spent the last six weeks with her savior, Chris, who provided her with lots of love. Then, the true miracle knocked on their door!

The Journey To A New Life

Chris found Pattie, together with another dog, wandering the neighborhood in Thermal, California. The first couple of weeks were extremely difficult for this sweet Pittie, as she had lost her babies and went on a healing journey with no proper supervision.

Even though Chris did her best to try and help her, Pattie was still under a lot of stress. She destroyed a fence and acted nervously around people, which is why Chris knew she needed help – urgently.

Pattie’s savior reached out to The Animal Rescue Center Of California, who drove all the way to the spot and met this cuddle bug. Underneath her anxious posture was a real beauty, craving love and attention.

With the help of Rescue Lyfe, from North Palm Springs, California, the team worked to find Pattie a foster home where she could finally feel at home and start her transformative journey.

“She needs somewhere to go. How she needed up here we don’t know, I’m sure it is nothing pleasant to think about. She’s the typical sweet as can be baby pittie. Fine with other pups,” Rescue Lyfe wrote in an Instagram post.

The Sweetest Foster Fail

In just a few short weeks, the team successfully found Pattie a new foster home. Jen, an experienced foster, was more than happy to welcome this timid girl into her family. 

Pattie’s transformation was no picnic, especially during the first days, but eventually, she warmed up next to her new momma. She started to come out of her shell and hang out with Jen’s other dogs

In no time, she learned how to be a dog again. 

Pattie absolutely loved the playtime in the yard with her siblings and soon blossomed into a happy pup!

The family helped her get over her past with endless love and cuddles, and Pattie sure knew how to reciprocate. She displayed her wonderful personality and showed how truly gentle and loving she was.

Her foster momma decided to change her name to Suki, which eventually led to the most awesome news!

As soon as she made this change, she realized that Pattie/Suki was no longer just a foster but a permanent family member! She notified the Center that she wanted to keep (now) Suki in the family for good!

The Animal Rescue Center of California shared wonderful news on their Facebook:

“Pattie/Suki is adopted! Once homeless on the streets to becoming a part of a fantastic family, this little Pittie girl finally is living the life she deserves. Thank you, Jen, for opening up your heart and home. Welcome home, Suki!”

Everyone was extremely happy to see this once-broken girl completely transform next to her beloved family. 

After all the storms and hardships that she had to weather in the past, Suki is now finally where she’s supposed to be – in a loving home surrounded by the people who truly love her!