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This Stray Mama Dog Was So Scared Of People Until Her Rescuers Came To Save Her

This Stray Mama Dog Was So Scared Of People Until Her Rescuers Came To Save Her

One aspect of rescuing that is often overlooked is how much effort that goes into making sure that all of the dogs and puppies are rescued safely and taken care of, so that they can find a family.

It’s a difficult process, and it’s admirable to see that so many people want to help strays around their city get a new chance at life.

In this story, we will talk about rescuers from St. Louis who received a call about a mama dog and her babies living in a horrible area.

A Difficult Task

After answering the call, the rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis rushed to the area where the dog family was. They found the mom pretty fast when they got there.

She was just so scared that the fear almost paralyzed her. She refused to move or even look at her rescuers.

It just makes you wonder what exactly she had to go through to be this fearful and wary of other humans.

They didn’t want to force her, so they tried to help by placing a leash around her neck, hoping she would relax a little bit.

However, that didn’t happen. So, one of the rescuers stayed with her until the others got a crate they could place her in.

When the mama dog was finally safe in the crate, the rescuers decided to focus on finding the puppies.

A Successful Rescue

They managed to locate them one by one, as they were very close to their mom. Some of them were really terrified after they were saved, so they started crying.

The rescuers were very gentle and helped them relax, and they realized that they meant them no harm.

After saving seven puppies and placing them gently into the car, all of them decided to take a nap.

The rescuers went back for the mom and placed her crate near her babies. It was now time to take them to a shelter.

They gave them a proper medical checkup to make sure they were all healthy, considering that they lived outside for so long.

After their treatment, they were all given food to enjoy, and were finally able to relax a little bit.

While we don’t quite know for sure what happened to this dog family, I have absolutely no doubt that all of them found wonderful homes and families.