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Stray Who Was Forced To Give Birth In A “Pouring Rain” Is Finally Safe With Her Babies

Stray Who Was Forced To Give Birth In A “Pouring Rain” Is Finally Safe With Her Babies

The joy that a dog can bring to a human is sometimes really hard to describe in words. However, in order to get there, it is often necessary to go through the most difficult moments.

Experienced rescuer, Caitlin Evers, knows this best. She is the founder of Caitie’s Foster Fam, a rescue organization located in Houston, Texas. During the years of her work, she has rescued numerous animals and fostered more than 280 dogs. 

That’s why she didn’t hesitate to get down to work one day when she received a call from the shop owner about a stray who was forced to give birth on the street during heavy rain. 

However, even she was shocked and heartbroken when she saw this dog’s condition. 

From Dark Clouds To Sunny Day

According to the TikTok video posted by @caitiesfosterfam, this Basset Hound, later named Bentley, gave birth over one weekend in front of the shop, while the employees found them on a Monday morning. 

In that same video, Caitlin also wrote that there were many storms in Houston, Texas over that weekend, so the mama dog and her newborn puppies were in very bad condition. This woman was truly heartbroken as soon as she saw them. 

When she came to the shop, there were eight puppies with their mama. However, in another TikTok video, Caitlin explained that Bentley had eleven babies but that they were no longer alive when the employees found them because of the harsh conditions they were in. 

This made Caitlin’s heart cry, but it also motivated her to do everything to help this Basset Hound family. She immediately took them one by one in her arms, gently put them in the car, and drove them home.

After she gave the mama and her babies an immediate bath because of a severe case of fleas, they could finally relax in a clean and warm bed. Watching them sleep peacefully in warm blankets after everything they’d been through was a real balm for Caitlin’s soul.

Sadly, in the days that followed, one puppy crossed the rainbow bridge, and that made Caitlin very sad. However, that’s why this big-hearted woman did everything to ensure a better future for the rest of the litter, which is why they thrived more and more every day

After several days, the life of this Basset Hound family became a true blessing as the sun finally rose after dark clouds and heavy rain. 

Bentley, as well as her babies Ford, Lincoln, Mustang, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, and Rover, as Caitlin named them, were all heading toward a better future. 

Not that they didn’t deserve it after everything they’ve been through.


This poor mama gave birth this weekend alone, on the streets, in the pouring rain. She sought out shelter anywhere she could, and she found her way into a shop. When the workers got there this morning, they saw her with her newborns. They made a space for her to rest with her babies while they reached out to rescues. That’s when I heard about her and rushed that way. The eight surviving puppies are hanging in there. They’re active and nursing. But they were cold and covered in fleas when I got them. We are fighting an uphill battle for sure. There are 5 boys and 3 girls. The smallest girl is about half the size of her littermates and appears much weaker. I’ll continue to give her the best chance, but odds aren’t on her side. It’s going to be tough for all of these babies, but their mama has fought so hard for their survival. So now we’re all here to help them. It’s all up from here. I just updated our rescue Amazon wishlist to include things we need for mama and her babies. Direct link in bio! To donate: Venmo @ caitiesfosterfam Cashapp $caitiesfosterfam #caitiesfosterfam

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Numerous Reactions

Caitlin Evers has been posting rescue videos on her TikTok profile for a long time, and she always attracts the attention of her many followers as well as the wider audience.

It was the same with these few videos that told the story of this Basset Hound family. However, a TikTok video posted on May 7, 2024, has attracted special attention and gone viral

Among numerous comments, we highlighted only a few of them. 

“Having her babies and her with fleas and yet she is still trying to protect them 😭❤️hoping they all get bigger and stronger,” one user wrote. 

“You are an absolute saint. I’m moving to Houston soon and I really really would love to join your organization and help you! You are an angel.” another added. 

And the third quipped: “Thank you for helping ❤️”

Yes, truly all of us should be grateful for everything this woman with a big heart did. Although throughout the story, we emphasized the heroism of the mother and the entire Basset Hound family, none of this would have happened if it weren’t for this good soul.

She, as well as the kind people who found this canine family when they were going through their most difficult moments, are the most deserving that the sun dawned after the rain.