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A Fearful Stray Dog With ”An Injured Jaw” Leaves Rescuers In Shock

A Fearful Stray Dog With ”An Injured Jaw” Leaves Rescuers In Shock

Most stray dogs who live on the streets of a big city have a pretty high chance of getting injured in some way.

The biggest causes are usually accidents or abuse from people, but the big problem is that none of them can help themselves in any meaningful way when suffering an injury.

In this story, we will talk about a group of rescuers from California who came to save a dog and noticed something was wrong with his jaw.

A Late-Night Rescue

dog under the car
Source: Hope For Paws

Hope For Paws is known for their amazing rescues done in California, which is why people don’t hesitate to call them anytime they see a dog who needs help.

One time, they received a late-night call about a dog who was in some kind of shock, so the rescuers rushed to help.

The kind people who made the call stayed and waited for the Hope For Paws rescuers to arrive. They then recruited them to help catch the sweet dog.

scared dog under the car
Source: Hope For Paws

The rescuers rushed, and they put a small fence together to prevent the dog from escaping.

The poor dog was just so frightened and didn’t know what to do, so she hid under a car. They tried to place a leash around her and get her to come to them, but she didn’t budge.

A Sweet Dog’s Slow Recovery

rescued dog eating
Source: Hope For Paws

She was just so scared and vulnerable that nothing seemed to work. They managed to get her to come to them, but she was still terrified.

They placed her into a small kennel and took her to the car slowly. After that, it was time for a late-night vet visit.

The veterinarians gave her a lot of food and water, and told the rescuers that she had to wait a bit. 

They thought that something was wrong with her jaw, but came to the conclusion that she just had an overbite and it was nothing serious.

dog lying on grass
Source: Hope For Paws

After a while, they thought it would be best for her to stay at a foster home where she could heal from her trauma properly.

As predicted, her transformation was just amazing. She went from a shaking and terrified puppy to a very sweet and playful dog.

While we don’t have any information on her current whereabouts, we can safely assume that this adorable pup has been adopted by now and is living her best life with someone special.