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Stray Dog Saved From The Street Gave Birth To The Cutest Litter Of Puppies

Stray Dog Saved From The Street Gave Birth To The Cutest Litter Of Puppies

Dog rescuers and rescue organizations always emphasize that even shelters are not the best places for dogs, let alone the street.

That is why it is always a noble thing to rescue a dog from a place where it is exposed to various dangers… without adequate care, food, and most importantly, much-needed love and attention.

If you also manage to save his entire family and ensure a bright future for them, you have done the best possible deed.

Her Home Was A Shopping Cart

A young dog named Bailey found herself living on the streets of Los Angeles. She was scared, alone, and hungry. 

Things got more complicated when she became pregnant. She took refuge near some apartments, and though the residents there tried to befriend her, she feared their intentions and wouldn’t allow them to get close to her.

When one supporter of Rescue From The Hart, a Los Angeles dog rescue group, spotted her underneath a shopping cart while driving through the neighborhood, he could not remain immune to that scene. 

He immediately contacted the rescue group, so the next morning, Annie Hart and her colleague, Heather, headed to try to find Bailey. Luckily, she was in her regular spot – underneath the shopping cart. 

They slowly approached her, knowing that she was just scared and protecting the precious cargo she was carrying. 

Finally, Bailey was ready to accept their affection, and she trusted enough to let Heather carry her to the car. 

They immediately went to the vet with Bailey and her cargo. Despite being infested with fleas, ticks, and foxtails, her future looked a lot brighter now that she finally had someone to take care of her. 

And, her biggest happiness was on the way in the next few weeks. 

They Raised A Whole Family

Although their friends from Hands Paws & Hearts Rescue immediately offered to take care of Bailey, it was still too much responsibility and worry for a whole new family.

That’s why Annie’s colleague, Heather, decided to become her foster mom and help carry her pregnancy. 

After a few weeks, that moment finally came, and after a successful delivery, Bailey gave birth to 5 adorable babies – one wiggly boy and 4 girls. Gibson, Ginny, Tini, Julep, and Shandy saw the light of day.

“We had been called to rescue one dog, but we ended up saving an entire family.” Rescue From The Hart stated. 

And, they couldn’t have been prouder or happier when all these sweeties thrived and grew enough to be ready for their new lives.

A Bunch Of Happy Endings

These puppies and their brave mom, who sacrificed for them by living under a shopping cart for so long, were simply destined for great things.

It didn’t take long before RFTH started announcing on their official Facebook page that they were finding new homes one by one.

After some time, they posted that “Bailey, Ginny, Julep, and Shandy have all been adopted.”

Only Tini and their playful little boy, Gibson, were still in search of their perfect homes. But soon, they announced that this duo had also found their place under the sun.

So, this story about a stray dog ​​that lived under a shopping cart had its happiest ending. And, what could be happier than a new family with a bright future ahead?