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This Stray Dog Kept Following People On The Street Hoping That Somebody Would Adopt Him

This Stray Dog Kept Following People On The Street Hoping That Somebody Would Adopt Him

As homeless dogs try to survive the harsh street life, the hope of finding loving humans lives inside their hearts. It’s the force that doesn’t let them give up.

Every time the canines meet people on the streets, they look at them with eyes full of longing, asking them for help.

A stray dog named Athos kept searching for his happiness, too. 

The pup never lost hope of finding a family who would treasure him and give him what his heart wished for the most – love.

The lonely dog spent weeks roaming the streets. With a smile on his adorable face, the stray followed the passers-by, hoping that they would take him home.

Good Humans Take Notice Of A Lovely Stray

pup following the people
Source: Howl Of A Dog

When the rescue team at Howl Of A Dog, an animal rescue organization, noticed a homeless canine who needed their help, they were resolved to rescue him.

The kind rescuers felt sad when they saw that the stray was walking after the passers-by, wagging his fluffy tail and trying to make friends with them. 

The dog, later named Athos, occasionally sniffed the ground in hopes of finding morsels of food.

Although he lived a sad and lonely life on the streets, the smile never disappeared from his face.

stray pup on the sidewalk
Source: Howl Of A Dog

The rescuers approached him and gave him food.

Athos felt glad that someone noticed him and he approached his rescuers as if he wanted to thank them.

The rescuers caressed the sweet dog. 

close-up photo of the stray pup
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Athos savored all their cuddles, and he started melting with love. 

He couldn’t be happier because the good humans that he was waiting for finally came to his rescue.  

The Delightful Stray Receives Help

pup in a kennel
Source: Howl Of A Dog

After the canine agreed to go with them, the rescue team brought him to the clinic for a complete examination.

Athos, who was estimated to be around two years old, had a large wound on his back. 

The vet team ran the necessary tests. Apart from having anemia, Athos was also suffering from Lyme disease

The doggo started receiving treatment.

Since the pooch had a fever, his rescuers waited until it subsided, and then they gave him a necessary bath.

Soon, Athos moved to a shelter.

The adorable canine felt happy because he had a roof over his head and a lot of new friends who were rooting for him.

The pooch knew that he was no longer alone.  

Athos Dreams Of Running Into His Parents’ Arms 

pup on grass
Source: Howl Of A Dog

As days went by, he began regaining his strength. 

His caregivers were overjoyed when he made a full recovery.

Although Athos enjoys the affection his friends shower him with, he wishes to find his own humans to give them all his love.

The sweet doggo loves playing with his doggy friend, Clyde. 

Athos feels hopeful about his future. He can’t wait to meet his forever family and run into their loving arms.

While the adorable dog waits to receive the happiest news of his life, he enjoys spending time with his shelter friends.

We hope that the delightful boi will soon find wonderful humans who will spoil him with love.