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Stray Dog Keeps Following Woman For Weeks, Then Reveals Her Big Secret

Stray Dog Keeps Following Woman For Weeks, Then Reveals Her Big Secret

Sometimes, homeless dogs have the most guarded hearts. 

Maddie, a stray pup, craved human affection, but she was too scared to trust humans and open her heart to love.

The dog’s whole world began changing the day she met Selina, a kind-hearted dog rescuer. 

As soon as Selina saw Maddie on the road for the first time, she wished to help her and bring her to safety. The pup had a skin disease, and her skin was itchy.

Since Maddie was frightened, she didn’t let Selina get close to her. 

The rescuer made up her mind to gain her trust. She started visiting her and giving her treatment for her skin.

Winning Maddie’s Heart

woman and stray pup
Source: @skinsbuem

Although Maddie kept running away every time her rescuer tried to touch her, she began chasing her scooter and following her home. However, whenever Selina decided to stop, the scared pup would run away. 

The sweet dog wished to trust Selina, but she needed to overcome her fear.

The rescuer kept feeding her every day and talking to her, trying to win her over.

stray pup eating
Source: @skinsbuem

The giant-hearted human rejoiced when Maddie made a complete recovery. Her skin healed and her fur regrew.

Maddie recognized Selina’s sincerity, and she fell in love with her rescuer. The pup began waiting for her every day at the same spot with a smile on her face.

Whenever Maddie saw her favorite human approaching, she would start jumping with joy and wagging her tail.

“She loved me on her own terms at first 🥰 from the distance and preferably no touch…🙃,” reads a caption in Selina’s Instagram video.

Several months later, Maddie finally let Selina cuddle her for the first time.

They continued meeting every day. Maddie looked forward to seeing Selina and snuggling with her. 

The rescuer gave her the love that the pup always needed.

After Selina realized that Maddie trusted her, she took her to the vet for a medical examination.

The rescuer was shocked when the vet told her that Maddie was pregnant and that she was due in a couple of days.

The Sweet Pup Moves In With Selina

photo of stray pup lying
Source: @skinsbuem

Selina brought Maddie home and prepared her a nesting box.. 

The kind woman was so committed to helping Maddie that she decided that she wouldn’t sleep. She laid next to the pup, wishing to let her know that she was there for her.

Maddie felt safe and content, knowing that she had her rescuer’s love and support.

For Selina, helping Maddie give birth to her puppies was a magical moment. It was a totally new experience for the rescuer, and the doggo trusted her without limits.

“I am blown away how much she let me in. How much she let me be part of this incredible journey of giving birth. The love, the silence, the wisdom… all of it. Absolutely mindblowing and magical experience. I love you SO MUCH baby girl and I am so amazingly proud of you,” she wrote on Instagram.

Maddie welcomed her babies to the world, covering them in endless kisses. 

stray pup with puppies
Source: The Dodo

The puppies were carefree because their mother was by their side. They loved snuggling next to their mom and taking in all her unconditional love. 

Gradually, the adorable furballs gained weight, and they grew into beautiful and healthy pups.

The pooch felt incredibly grateful to her rescuer for bringing her to safety and for caring for her babies.

woman kissing the dog
Source: The Dodo

The fur babies felt ready to spread their wings and start searching for their place in the world.

Two puppies found their forever homes, while Maddie and her third puppy are still looking for their perfect matches.

I hope that the adorable canines will soon steal the hearts of wonderful families who will give them a loving home.