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Stray Dog Follows Hoomans On Street Begging To Be Adopted

Stray Dog Follows Hoomans On Street Begging To Be Adopted

Most stray dogs I have seen in my life have grown accustomed to living on the streets and only hope for some minimal contact from humans when they are hungry.

However, there are still those who want more, and find an opportunity to meet a real family. These pups will show it and they will try their best to get people’s attention.

In this story, we will talk about a stray dog who just wanted to find somebody, and kept following people in hopes that someone would adopt her.

Lily’s Life On The Streets

stray dog walking in the street
Source: Howl Of A Dog

When Lily was still living on the streets, she would constantly try to grab people’s attention to see if anyone would help.

While she had very little success, her efforts to find a family did not go unnoticed. A group of rescuers from the organization, Howl of A Dog, were notified about her and went to help.

Lily was accustomed to living on the streets, and because of that, she did not fear the people all that much.

When her rescuers approached her, they did so slowly, but she was more than happy to see somebody who took some interest in her.

dog on the sidewalk
Source: Howl Of A Dog

They gave her some nice food to see if she would relax in their presence and gain their trust. It seemed like she really enjoyed finally having someone by her side.

Her rescuers then placed a leash on her and placed her in a car. It was now time to take her to a veterinary clinic. On her way there, she fell asleep, finally feeling relaxed to be off the streets.

At the vet, they scanned her for a microchip to see if she had a previous owner, as she was too sweet, so the assumption was that she might have had one.

They also estimated that she was around two years old. The next thing on the list was a blood test to see if she was suffering from any disease.

Lily’s New Opportunity

dog on a grass with a leash
Source: Howl Of A Dog

In the end, her blood tests were surprisingly good and all she really needed was some medications to help boost her immune system.

When the tests were done and the vets determined that Lily did not have any major health issues, the rescuers took her back to their shelter.

While there, she received a warm bath, and one of her rescuers tried to walk her on the leash for the first time, but she was not used to it yet.

Regardless, Lily simply enjoyed being in the presence of somebody who cared for her very much, and that’s all that mattered to her.

Now, all that remained was for her rescuers to place her on an adoption list and find a forever home for her.

two dogs sitting next to each other
Source: Howl Of A Dog

After three months in their care, they finally managed to find a wonderful home for her. Even though they were sad that she had to go, it was the best thing that could happen to her.

Her new family was just wonderful they took such great care of her, and she even has a few other siblings she can play with all the time.

Lily showed that she was a very outgoing and playful dog who just wanted to enjoy her time with those she loves the most.

In the end, everything turned out amazing for her. I am so glad to see that everything turned out so well for her, and I wish her and the family all the best.