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Stray Dog Followed A Woman’s Car Until She Gave Up And Took Him In

Stray Dog Followed A Woman’s Car Until She Gave Up And Took Him In

Dogs are known for having a lot of positive traits, but I feel like people underestimate just how determined dogs can be sometimes.

It’s this personality trait that has helped these animals survive alone for a big part of their lives and why a lot of them live to find a new family for themselves.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet, stray dog who followed a woman’s car because he wanted to be rescued.

A Very Determined Dog

gray dog running
Source: YouTube

When Krista was traveling abroad with her friend, she came across a very sweet dog who just started following them after they gave him attention.

They assumed that he would stop once they got in the van and left, but nothing could deter this happy pup.

He continued chasing after them even as they were in their car. He dodged the traffic and managed to keep up the pace.

Krista told The Dodo: We couldn’t leave him and it didn’t look safe, so we pulled over.

happy brown dog
Source: YouTube

They didn’t know what to do about the dog later, but they decided to keep him around for now until they made a decision.

So, now he was onboard with them on their little traveling journey, and they enjoyed the time they spent together.

However, when it came time to separate, they took the dog to the nearest dog rescue facility and left him there until paperwork could be handled so he could be moved to the United States.

Chase’s New Journey

girl petting her gray dog
Source: YouTube

When it was all finalized, Krista came to pick up the dog, now named Chase, and their reunion was just the sweetest thing ever.

She said: He remembered who I was, and we were so happy.

During their entire trip to Miami, Chase was a very well-behaved dog who just enjoyed seeing the new places and being with his favorite person in the world.

Once they were there, however, it was time to drive all the way to Tennessee, and it was a really long one.

To help make the trip more enjoyable, they stopped for a bit and went on a short hike because she knew that Chase loved exploring.

blonde girl and her dog
Source: YouTube

Now that they were finally home, Chase was really happy. He loves running and playing in the yard, and he is just the happiest dog now that he finally found his forever home.

Krista, on the other hand, plans to take Chase on many new adventures with her in order to see and experience new places that he has never seen before.

She said: It makes me feel really good that I can just hug him and tell him that he’s not gonna be alone again.