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Adorable Stray Dog Begs A Bus Driver To Let Her In, She Ends Up Getting So Much More

Adorable Stray Dog Begs A Bus Driver To Let Her In, She Ends Up Getting So Much More

There are quite a few moments where I look at a story and think that some kind of fate connected the dog and his new owner.

It feels a bit silly, but some situations described in those stories are just too spectacular for me not to believe that.

In this story, we will talk about a simpler case where a dog chased a bus until the kind driver stopped and adopted her.

A Funny Situation

brown dog standing on the concrete
Source: newsflare

It’s not too uncommon to see dogs taking interest in long rides in any vehicle. Some of them really enjoy it.

For Jaypee Barcelinia, he was surprised when he got on his bus and saw a furry friend wanting to sit right next to him.

The dog seemed really eager to join them on the ride, so he let him in.

Barcelinia told The Dodo: The stray dog was sitting in a public road, then when our jeepney, a form of local public transportation passed by, she suddenly chased the jeepney and she wanted to take a ride.

The dog was relentless in her pursuit of the bus, as she kept on coming and trying to catch up to the bus.

She tried at least six times to board, but was unsuccessful. The driver in this situation was not sure what to do.

A Very Lucky Dog

brown dog running
Source: newsflare

He was just worried about letting the dog on board because he could bite some of the passengers.

Barcelinia said: At first, the jeepney driver was afraid to get the dog because here in the Philippines it is unusual to see a dog chasing a jeep.

It didn’t matter how long it took, she was not easing up her chase. The driver felt really bad for her, so he stopped and decided to let her in.

However, upon seeing her catch up, she did not just jump on the bus. She was waiting for his permission like the well-mannered dog that she is.

dog sitting in a car
Source: newsflare

After finally getting on the bus, she lied down and decided it was nap time. But, that’s not the end of the story.

Barcelinia asked around and the driver confirmed that he had adopted the stray dog and he is now in his care.

As I said earlier, there is just something special about this story. It really feels like the dog just somehow knew that the driver was going to be his new best friend.

It really just shows us how special our connection is to dogs and how much they make our entire lives better.