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The Story About Friendship Between Gentle Goldie And Tiny Horses Is A Real-Life Fairytale

The Story About Friendship Between Gentle Goldie And Tiny Horses Is A Real-Life Fairytale

Many people just skip the depressing news from the animal world, which, unfortunately, is increasing. However, there are still those bright examples that give us hope and bring a smile back to our faces.

The best proof of this is a family from Wildwood, Missouri, who decided to dedicate their lives to caring for animals, especially those who need it the most.

So, they founded the R&R Ranch, which they intended as a haven for horses suffering from dwarfism. As this whole project had a noble goal from the very beginning, only beautiful things happened on the ranch. 

One of the many is the story of an incredible friendship between one gentle dog and his best horse friends. 

The Most Beautiful Relationship

Stacy, the founder of the R&R Ranch, didn’t even think about getting a dog. Yet, her daughter had always dreamed of having a furry friend, so she just couldn’t handle the pressure.

That’s how a cute Golden Retriever puppy came into their family. Since they already saw that he would grow into a beautiful dog, they decided to name him Handsome.

The entire family quickly fell in love with him, and everything went well throughout his puppyhood. However, they were afraid of just one thing – horses are usually scared of puppies, and there were too many of them living on their ranch in Wildwood, Missouri. 

It was for this reason that Stacy, even when he was a baby, gradually introduced Handsome to their horses. Thanks to that, something they least expected happened and the most beautiful relationship was born – a friendship between dwarf horses and a gentle dog

“At any given time, I can find dwarfs licking and grooming Handsome and Handsome doesn’t even lift an eye,” Stacy told Cuddle Buddies, pointing out the trust and love these beings were able to establish between each other. 

Handsome has always had a calming personality, and Stacy believed that this was exactly what attracted these horses the most. 

“That relationship just developed naturally,” Stacy said. “He would go with me to the barn every day, lay, and let the horse realize [that he is not a threat to them].”

Little by little, this amazing relationship grew stronger every day. They would eat and play together, and sometimes, they would even sleep on each other’s lap. 

“If they wanted to run, he would run with them, but he wouldn’t chase them,” Stacy said pointing out how genuine their relationship was. “And today, at any given time, they absolutely 100% love his company.”

Handsome became a true balm for their souls, and he also did not remove the smile from his face when he was with his beloved little horses. 

In Love With Everyone

Many other stories, such as the one about the dog comforting a foal that had lost its mother, testify to the immense love dogs have for other animals. However, Handsome was special in that his heartwarming energy attracted everyone who met him.

“Handsome is unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced,” Stacy said. “He likes to hang out with everyone. He greets every person that comes here to the ranch. Honestly, they end up wanting to be with Handsome more than they wanna be with the horses.”

It was not only with humans and horses – Handsome was in love with other animals as well. Especially touching was his friendship with the cute little rabbit, Franklin, so that even The Dodo shared their story. 

After every day spent with horses, Handsome would be greeted at home by his friend, Franklin, who would shower him with lots of kisses. It was the same comfort and joy that Handsome gives to horses and other beings, and which he also needed at the end of the day. 

Handsome showed us all the value of true love and friendship, and that sometimes, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what language you speak, but what matters is that you have a big heart.

It is a lesson that all of us should learn for the sake of a better world. 

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