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‘Stone Dog’ With Serious Skin Condition Becomes A Brand New Puppy Around His New Mom

‘Stone Dog’ With Serious Skin Condition Becomes A Brand New Puppy Around His New Mom

It breaks my heart to be reminded of how cruel humans can be toward their canines who deserve infinite love and a lifetime of happiness.

Just like all dogs, Crumb had every right to be happy and loved, but sadly, his owners dumped him on the streets when he needed them the most.

The pup’s family abandoned Crumb after he got sick without feeling the slightest bit of empathy toward him.

All alone, Crumb struggled to survive while his mange became worse. People didn’t want to help him, and they chased him away because of his sickness.

The little canine lost faith in humans, and he became terrified of them. Crumb believed that all humans were cruel and he did his best to avoid them.

Kind Rescuers Give Him Hope

dog in trash
Source: The Dodo

When Rachael and her rescue team at Sidewalk Specials heard about the abandoned dog named Crumb, who lived a miserable life as a stray, they tried to rescue him.

Since Crumb was scared of humans, he refused to trust the rescuers.

They kept trying to capture him for eight months, but Crumb bolted out of fear every time they approached.

One day, a Good Samaritan called the rescuers, informing them that a mangy pup needed urgent help.

When Rachael and her team arrived at the location, they saw a familiar face looking for food in the trash. It was Crumb.

Rachael desperately wanted to catch him, and she asked volunteers to help her. 

As soon as Crumb saw the rescuers, he started running.

One of the volunteers managed to get close to Crumb and place a plastic bottle on him. Rachael held Crumb while the other rescuer was trying to put a leash over his neck.

Crumb was frightened, and he tried to bite his rescuer. He was in his defense mode. 

The rescuers kept talking to him and telling him that he was safe.

One of the rescuers caressed his head, and at that moment, Crumb stopped defending himself.

Crumb Is Finally Safe

After they secured the pup with a leash, Rachael took him in her arms and carried him to the car. She held his face in her hands while Crumb was looking at her with sad eyes. 

It was the first time that someone touched him in years.

Crumb finally started receiving the love that he needed all along.

“We started feeding him and giving him love. His tail started wagging within about 3 minutes,” Rachael told The Dodo.

The rescuers placed him in a crate, and Crumb’s eyes started twinkling. He began realizing that his life was about to change.

His heroes took him to the vet, where he received a complete examination.

dog at the vet clinic
Source: The Dodo

Crumb’s mange went untreated for so long that he looked like he was made of stone. The pooch only had some fur along his spine.

He was also diagnosed with TVT cancer. He needed months of chemotherapy, but luckily, he was going to be alright.

The Pup Realizes That Humans Can Be Kind

hand petting the dog
Source: The Dodo

After he was prescribed medicine and medicated baths, Crumb was ready to move in with his foster family and start healing.

His fosters gave him immense love and showered him with encouraging words.

They worked with him every day, pampering him with care and making him feel safe. Crumb realized that good humans do exist and he began trusting them.

His foster family drove him to the vet every week for another medicated bath. 

They often took Crumb to the beach. The pup enjoyed sunbathing. He realized that life could be beautiful. 

Crumb’s foster family fell in love with him, but they couldn’t keep him because they had to move.

The little pooch started looking for a new home, hoping that he would find someone who would love him for who he was.

Crumb Finds Unconditional Love

woman kissing the dog
Source: The Dodo

His wish came true. A great family applied for his adoption, and his new mom came to meet Crumb on the beach. 

She kissed him and took him to his forever home.

Crumb was happy to start a new life with this family who loved him and considered him perfect. 

photo of woman holding the dog
Source: The Dodo

Although he didn’t know how to cuddle at first, he soon turned into a real love bug. Now, he loves to curl up on his mom’s lap.

Thanks to the infinite love his family showered him with, Crumb became a confident boi.

“I think he thinks he’s the man. He’s now got his trot, like, ‘Look at me, guys! I’m not a dump dog anymore,’” Crumb’s mom told The Dodo.

Crumb feels over the moon, and he can’t stop smiling.

He also has two doggy siblings who adore him. The three pups love playing with each other.

We’re ecstatic that Crumb discovered true love and got his happily ever after. 

Huge thanks to the pup’s rescuers for saving him and to all good humans who helped Crumb overcome his fears and become a happy dog.