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Starving Dog Desperately Runs Towards Cars And Begs People For Food

Starving Dog Desperately Runs Towards Cars And Begs People For Food

For stray dogs, each day is a struggle for survival on the unforgiving streets. Each dog brings its different heartbreaking story; some were abandoned by their owners, while others have called the street their home all their lives. 

Without a warm home or a loving owner, these poor creatures have to search tirelessly for some food scraps, often going to sleep with empty stomachs. 

It’s a daily struggle for all of them. 

Sometimes, they come across a compassionate soul who offers a moment of consolation, but more often than not, they are met with indifference and cruelty. 

Some dogs, like the one from this story, are forced to face the danger of upcoming cars just to ask for a little bit of food. 

Halting Cars For Help 

starving dog
Source: Youtube

Love Furry Friends is a small rescue that takes care of unwanted and stray animals. Its founder, Olena, is someone who has always had an immense love for all animals, especially our furry friends. 

Her goal has always been to create a safe space for all rescued animals and find them a forever home; however, she can’t do it alone. 

The area where she lives has more than 20,000 stray dogs, with the situation getting worse each year. 

All shelters are overcrowded, and it’s impossible for them to take any more new dogs, so a lot of stray animals sadly have to stay on the streets, even during very cold winters and hot summers. 

It’s simply heartbreaking to think that so many innocent animals have to fight to survive each passing day. 

woman helping starving dog
Source: Youtube

Even though she is physically not able to take in all the dogs, Olena tries to help them as much as she can. She brings them food and water, treats, administers vaccinations, and ensures that they are spayed and neutered. 

It’s the least she can do to help these poor animals. “I want to set an example to others to care for animals and to not be afraid to open your arms for help and love,” she writes on her YouTube channel

Feeding The Hungry Stomachs 

abandoned dog on the road
Source: Youtube

When this adorable dog saw someone approaching, he didn’t hesitate to run toward the car to ask for help. 

Olena immediately stopped her car to bring out the food, but then she noticed another dog hesitantly approaching. 

He wasn’t as friendly as the first dog, but his eyes were filled with sadness, silently pleading for help. 

After giving some love to the first dog, she poured some kibble for the two dogs, which they immediately started devouring. 

abandoned dogs eating
Source: Youtube

They lived in an abandoned area with not much going on around, so without Olena bringing them food, they would go days without eating anything.

After the food, she gave them water as well to hydrate. The black and brown dog remained wary, quickly moving away from her, but he did enjoy the gifts she brought. 

It’s not the perfect solution, but at least they don’t go to sleep with an empty stomach. 

“Love has no boundaries! Thanks so much for your unreserved love and compassion for giving food to these and other innocent lovely stray furry friends,” one person commented on YouTube, expressing gratitude for everything she does. 

If only there were more people like this, the world would certainly be a better place.