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Starving Dog Found Curled Up In A Pile Of Leaves, Waiting For Someone To Help Him

Starving Dog Found Curled Up In A Pile Of Leaves, Waiting For Someone To Help Him

When a Good Samaritan was walking through a very rural area of Hudson, Wisconsin, admiring the fallen leaves that were completely covering the ground, they thought it was going to be just another regular day.

However, by the corner of their eye, they spotted a strange brown and black ball among the leaves.

Upon further inspection, they realized that it was actually a pup.

A Sad Scene

The pup, later named Brutus, was tightly curled up, lying above the leaves and hoping that somebody would find him and offer him a helping hand.

The Good Samaritan immediately contacted Hudson animal control and a team of rescuers swiftly made their way down to the scene.

None of the hoomans were able to tell how long this pup was out there, but what they knew for certain was that they had to get him out of the cold and warm him up.

Since Brutus was extremely malnourished, getting him a good meal was also top priority.

“Brutus was a skeletal figure, wrapping himself in leaves for warmth. His snug collar hinted at a heartbreaking possibility: He might have been left in this state intentionally,” Ruff Start Rescue wrote on Facebook.

Brutus wasn’t just extremely skinny; he was also partially blind and was starting to lose hope.

Luckily, this incredible team of rescuers was able to save Brutus and show him that life is worth living when surrounded by the right hoomans.

The rescue made sure to post Brutus online, hoping that somebody would reach out and offer to take him in.

However, one of their staff members fell completely head over heels for this pup and offered to foster him. The Ruff Start Rescue agreed to cover all of his medical costs, allowing him to head to his new family as soon as possible.

At The Fosters

His new foster family made sure Brutus was getting everything a pup needs. His nutrition was carefully tracked to ensure a regain of healthy weight.

Brutus was enjoying every bit of time spent with his new foster siblings, but whenever he got tired, this adorable pup could be found on his adored heating pad.

“He adores his canine foster siblings, often trailing after them. And his affectionate doggy kisses [are] simply the best,” Ruff Start Rescue wrote.

Thanks to the incredible staff members at Ruff Start Rescue, as well as his temporary family, Brutus is finally able to lead a happy and relaxing life. He is no longer shivering in a pile of leaves, but is nice and toasty on a comfortable couch awaiting the holidays.  

Even though he still has some recovering to do in order to be in perfect health, this pup is the happiest he has ever been.

“Brutus is a true cuddle bug, convinced that laps were made just for him!” Ruff Start Rescue wrote in a Facebook update.

As soon as the holiday season ended, Ruff Start Rescue was doing everything it could in order to get Brutus adopted – from online advertisements to even appearances on the local news.

This sweet boy won over the hearts of many, but he still wasn’t able to find the right family.

Until a couple of months later, when something incredible happened.

Forever Home

A loving dog dad decided that Brutus would be the perfect fit for his family and decided to adopt him.

As soon as the two met, they became inseparable. Brutus immediately settled into his new home and clicked with all of his new family members.

His new hoomans allowed him to forget all of the past traumas he endured and embrace his new life, and now – his fur is all shiny and his tummy is always full!

Brutus can’t believe how lucky he is to finally have a life full of fun, adventures, and love. And, everybody is beyond happy for him.

“We are so happy that he found a loving home,” Kelli Hanson, Ruff Start Rescue’s marketing and communications manager, told The Dodo.