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The Staffordshire Terrier Becomes Grandma’s Favorite Grandson

The Staffordshire Terrier Becomes Grandma’s Favorite Grandson

Staffordshire Terriers are commonly misperceived as pets. People often see them as aggressive, hostile, and dangerous without actually being familiar with their temperament. 

As much as they are stocky and intimidating in their looks, Staffies make wonderful pets, too. Einstein, the adopted Staffordshire Terrier, is here to prove all the negative rumors wrong.

He was adopted by Frida at just a few months of age, and became a family favorite in no time. His relationship with Frida’s mom in particular turned out to be special and unique. This is their little story…

Frida Didn’t Want Einstein At First

photo of frida and einstein
Source: YouTube

When Frida decided to adopt a puppy, she couldn’t even imagine adopting a Staffy. She didn’t feel like having one, as she thought they weren’t cute at all. However, when she arrived at the kennel, Einstein took her breath away.

“…then we got there and we came in, and I just looked at the dog, and that’s when we fell in love!”

She immediately adopted him and took him home. He was a little bit shy at first, but Einstein turned out to be the ultimate family addition. And… here’s why!

The Dog Adapted Into The Family In No Time

Photo of Einstein after adoption
Source: YouTube

Even with no training whatsoever, Einstein started showing exquisite family traits. He still had not socialized properly when he first arrived in the new home, but he had no problem bonding with the entire family.

As he was still a puppy, Einstein went through a thorough process of socialization, soaking up the love he was getting from his new family. 

Frida’s Mom Has A Favorite Grandson – Einstein

Photo of Frida's mom with Einstein
Source: YouTube

Frida’s mom was not exactly the biggest dog enthusiast before meeting with Einstein. She didn’t even know how she’d react around him, but then the most amazing thing happened.

Einstein won Frida’s moms’ heart in just a few short meetings. He was always giving her the sweetest looks, and he eagerly “pushed” her to play with him. 

Eventually, Frida’s mom and Einstein became the perfect grandma and grandson, sharing all the love that flourished between them as time went on. 

At that point, she knew – Einstein could be as loved as a human, and the fact that he was “just a dog” was not relevant anymore. He became family.

“He walks around with her all the time. He is the grandchild, and I’m convinced she loves him more than she loves me”, says Frida, laughing.

He’s A Star On Christmas Holidays

Einstein joins the family table during holidays
Source: YouTube

Whenever they have a Christmas dinner or they gather together on some other occasion, Frida’s mom makes sure Einstein gets his chair at the table. She just wants to make sure he feels as comfortable and as included as possible. And, Einstein reciprocates! 

He’s such a sweet, loving boy who knows how to behave at dinner parties! He basically sits like a human, respecting the order of events he comes to, and waiting for his dinner politely.

And, guess what – he doesn’t like being left out! If, by chance, they leave him out of the table, he gives them the most judgmental look ever! 

He even refuses to eat his favorite food unless it’s served next to them. He’s all like “You brought me here, hooman, now make some room for me at this table!” And, room they make!

Einstein Doesn’t Mind Sleeping In The Crate

Einstein sleeps in the crate
Source: YouTube

Einstein never complained about being in a crate. The first night he was brought home, they put him in the crate to sleep in, and he was totally fine with it. Not even once did he howl, bark, or make any kind of noise.

Today, he doesn’t sleep there, but he still doesn’t mind being put in when needed! Even though he spends most of his time sleeping next to Frida or on a couch, Einstein is a well-behaved doggo that exhibits only the best dog manners. 

He Overcame Being Alone, But He’s Still The Happiest With His Family 

photo of a happy Einstein
Source: YouTube

Frida trained Einstein solitude so she could go to work, and she put cameras all over the house to monitor his behavior. 

She expected him to maybe chew her shoes or make a mess, but none of that happened! 

Einstein spends most of his alone time sleeping, laying on the couch, and waiting for her to come home. Okay, he occasionally looks at one of those cameras to let her know that “he knows he’s being monitored.”

Einstein Walks, Takes The Train, And Hangs Out With His Friends

Einstein hangs out with his friends
Source: TikTok

Einstein spends most of his time outdoors walking with Frida, Frida’s mom, and their friends. Even though Frida lets him “go all dog” from time to time, he never moves far away from them. Even without a leash, he likes to be close to them and follow their tempo.

On the other hand, he likes riding the train and looking out of the window. Frida thought that this could be a slightly traumatic experience for him the first time, but he did just fine. 

One of his special treats is hanging out with his new friend, Turbo. Turbo is the neighbor’s Staffy and a new friend of Einstein. The first time they saw each other, they immediately bonded and started playing, proving the “aggression hypothesis” wrong.

Einstein has his own little world where he’s surrounded with the people and doggo buddies he loves the most.