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Man Picks Up Dogs In His Doggy School Bus And Takes Them To A Private Park Every Day

Man Picks Up Dogs In His Doggy School Bus And Takes Them To A Private Park Every Day

I’m sure that everyone has spotted those rather famous yellow school buses taking kids to school daily, but let me tell you about this one school bus that’s unlike any other that you have ever encountered. 

Denzel Morrison, who has always been a huge dog lover, came up with a brilliant idea. 

He adapted one of those school buses specifically for dogs and opened a mobile doggy daycare that picks up dogs and takes them on a wonderful adventure. 

Just wait until you see those adorable furry companions all in their assigned spots, behaving like true students. 

Ruff And Puff Dog Daycare 

cute puppies in bus

Morrison, an experienced dog trainer with a huge passion for dogs, grew up surrounded by them as his mother runs a dog rescue foundation where he also often volunteers. 

You must be wondering how he came up with this brilliant idea? Here’s what he had to say in an interview: 

“I had a lot of different jobs, but I always knew I wanted to do something with dogs. I saw another guy, he was a dog walker, and he had a van with crates and everything, but I just imagined all the dogs strapped in, sitting like they were kids on a school bus,” Morrison told The Dodo

So, he purchased a school bus and customized it specifically for dogs. He started his business in 2020, and ever since then, his special doggy school bus has been a great success. 

He picks up around 10 to 14 dogs, who all have to go through screening to make sure they are friendly. 

According to their website, this doggy school bus was created with the goal of fun and safety in mind. 

The staff, which includes Morrison and his two assistants, are all certified in pet first aid, as well as being licensed and insured. 

Each seat has been customized specifically for a dog, with fitted sliding gates at the end and little harness attachments on all of the seats, so that every dog is comfortable, safe, and completely secure. 

At times, dogs hop onto the bus themselves, while on other occasions, Morrison goes to pick them up.

“My favorite part is the pick-ups. Once they can hear the bus is coming, a lot of them will wait by the window for me. Seeing them really pumped, just staring at the bus, I really love that,” Morrison said. 

Not Your Average Walk Around The Block 

Once all the dogs are picked up and securely settled in their designated spots, the adventure begins.

Ruff and Puff pride themselves on offering more than just your average walk around the block, setting them apart from the rest.

“We’ll begin our adventure filled day, with lots of time to play, run, sniff and explore. At the end of the dog walk, we will drop your pup off tired and happy; it’s that simple,” states on their website. 

They take the dogs to a private, fenced-in park for an hour, providing them with the freedom to run and play around. 

After that, each dog gets a special treat (a puppuccino), and they start doing the drop-off. By that point, the dogs are pretty much in snooze mode – who wouldn’t be after such a fun day! 

“My clients are always telling me that they’re so happy that the dogs are on the bus. They notice that their dog is more outgoing after coming on the bus a couple of times, and they’re usually happy to see the bus come,” Denzel Morrison, the founder of Ruff and Puff, told The Dodo.  

two dogs sitting together in bus
Source: @ruffandpuffyyc

Sometimes, they even get to celebrate some special occasions on the bus, such as doggy birthdays, which is always super fun and adorable. 

It’s the ultimate fun bus! Follow them on Instagram and TikTok for more adorable doggy school bus content!