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Soon To Be Married Couple Rescues Hurt Dog And Decides To Keep Him For Good

Soon To Be Married Couple Rescues Hurt Dog And Decides To Keep Him For Good

When one happy bride was impatiently awaiting her big day, she never dreamed that one of her guests would be a furry face cheering her on throughout the night.

Alyssa and her husband, Logan, who were deep into their wedding preparations, were grabbing some coffee after their gym session one day when Logan spotted a hurt stray pup trying to cross a very busy street.

The couple knew that this poor guy was in grave danger and that they must do something to help.

Rescue Mission

The Texas soon-to-be newlyweds suspected that because of his hobbling, the doggo was already hit and would probably be very skittish. And, they were right.

As soon as they got close to him, the pup gathered all the strength it had and ran away. Luckily, the couple managed to corner him at the back of a shopping center, allowing them to finally win over his trust.

“That’s when I got down on his level, sat on the concrete, and began trying to coax him to come toward me. It took several minutes, but he finally limped over to me and collapsed in my lap,” Alyssa told Newsweek

They immediately took the pup to the vet, hoping that he had a microchip and a family who was missing him dearly. However, this was not the case.

“We were desperately hoping he had a home or family that loved him and was just lost! He had no microchip, no collar, and was not neutered,” Alyssa added.

In Search Of A Home

The couple started posting photos of the pup, now named Campbell, all over social media, hoping that somebody would recognize his sweet face and return him home.

“People on the Next Door app notified us that they had seen him running around the intersection and in parking lots two or days before we had found him. We assume the most likely possibility is that he was dumped in the busy area where we found him,” she added.

But, Campbell couldn’t really wait for somebody to come around and claim him, as he was in desperate need of surgery for his broken leg.

“This complex fracture was deteriorating his joint structure already and the vet warned us that if this wasn’t surgically fixed very soon, the joint would collapse completely,” Alyssa said.

Because the surgery was very complex, it was also really expensive, Alyssa and Logan needed some help. Luckily, Cody’s Friends Rescue, a nonprofit rescue based in Texas, stepped in to assist.

They covered a portion of the expenses and also created a GoFundMe page. Through this crowdfunding platform, they successfully raised funds to cover the entirety of the $8,000 bill.

And, since Alyssa and Logan were, in part, brought together because of their love for animals, taking care of this sweet guy was no issue.

“We just felt so connected to him within that first week. It was as if the perfect dream dog we had always talked about had just fallen into our laps,” Alyssa said.

But, having a wedding and a honeymoon to plan, the couple had to leave Campbell with Alyssa’s parents. However, the entire time, this adorable rescue dog was constantly on their minds and in their hearts.

New Life

Today, this incredible boy’s leg is completely healed, with the joint fused together with a metal plate. And, even though he can’t really bend his leg like other dogs do, Campbell doesn’t allow this to get in the way of his happiness.

Living with Alyssa and Logan, the hoomans did notice that the pup was already potty trained and knew some basic commands, meaning that he was probably already a part of a family.

“Campbell has also shown some signs of being very frightened of oddly specific things. If I’m holding a shoe in my hand he immediately cowers in fear. He’s also always noticeably cautious and concerned about potentially breaking anything in our home,” she said.

Despite this, Campbell is truly living his best life. He is a happy pup who loves spending time with his hoomans and other pups, having fun, and enjoying life, and his doggo parents couldn’t be happier.

“Finding Campbell rocked our world, put a dent in all our plans, and changed our lives forever but he’s also the best thing that has ever happened to us. We’re so grateful he found his way to us,” Alyssa concluded.