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Something Quite Unexpected Happened To Poor Dolly, The Rescue Pup

Something Quite Unexpected Happened To Poor Dolly, The Rescue Pup

Dolly, the poor rescue pup from Charlotte, North Carolina, never saw it coming. 

But, when you least expect it, it happens.

She was stunned.

What was that?

What on Earth came at this sweet girl who was just minding her own business?

What’s Going On Here?

brown dog puts tongue out
Source: TikTok

Dolly reached out to the world, wanting to share her story. A pup with her communication skills had to get her five minutes under the spotlight.

Here’s what Dolly had to say:

“There I was,” starts Dolly, “minding my own business. I was lying in my favorite place in the entire house, mom’s bed. I just got this delish bone. It was my alone time and I was trying to enjoy it. Then, all of a sudden… everything went white!

I stopped for a second, thinking if I’d gone blind. Something covered my entire body. When I realized that, I jumped up immediately, trying to find my way out. 

I spun left. I spun right. My mind was a mess. I spun like crazy!

And then… BAM! 

I fell on the floor.

That’s when I saw a white sheet messed up under me. I’ve finally managed to wiggle myself out.

And there she was: the betrayer. 

Brutus to my Caesar!

She was just standing there, laughing. 

Apparently, she threw the sheet over me and just stood there waiting to see what would happen.

Well, I fell from the bed, mom!

How could you,” ends poor Dolly. 

dog wrapped into the sheet
Source: TikTok

“She wouldn’t get off the bed because she was fixated on her bone, so I assumed when I put the sheet over her, she’d jump off. She did not; she was under there chewing away at her bone for several minutes before I started filming her,” Charlotte-based mom Ashley Owens said in an interview.

“I felt so bad when she fell, but it happened so fast and I had no time to react. She immediately popped up after, though, and I realized she was fine,” Ashley added. “It definitely scared me though.”

Fortunately, the only thing that was hurt was Dolly’s pride because not only did Ashley’s friends see the video of the great fall, but the entire TikTok community did too! 

Ashley found it funny and posted the video, which went viral within a while. 

Seriously, Ashley? How could you?

Don’t you worry, Dolly. We’re on your side, hun!


That escalated quickly 🫠 For the record, she’s fine 😂

♬ original sound – Aashleyy_o


After a while, Dolly reached out again, admitting that it wasn’t really her mom’s fault. She wasn’t as graceful as she should have been. 

Let’s hear Dolly share her wisdom with us!


Dolly wanted to redeem herself after that not so graceful dismount off the bed #dolly #puppylover #dogsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Aashleyy_o