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Small Dog Became So Scared After Getting Hit By A Car, Then One Day Everything Changed For Her

Small Dog Became So Scared After Getting Hit By A Car, Then One Day Everything Changed For Her

It only takes a little bit of love to change someone’s life, and Kacey would definitely agree!

This tiny, exhausted Chi girl living in the parking lot in Los Angeles, California, was far from doing okay. She lived her life on the edge since the moment her previous owners dumped her. On top of all that, Kacey had been hit by a car.

For over a month, she was impossible to catch due to her enormous fear of everyone. Even though she was doing terribly, she’d always find a way to reject help from the locals until one day, her life took an unexpected turn.

Terrified And Defeated

photo of tiny dog by a car
Source: The Dodo

Lisa Chiarelli, of Frankie Lola and Friends, a dog rescue based in Los Angeles, California, got a call about Kacey and immediately rushed into action. However, providing shelter for this sweet girl was not a walk in the park, as she persistently refused help.

Kacey lived in a nearby mechanic shop’s parking lot. She was extremely exhausted, had a dislocated hip, fleas all over her body, and she was evidently emaciated.

Lisa and the team kept visiting Kacey for almost a month until one day, she finally set foot in a humane trap. 

The moment she went in, her fears kicked in and she started shivering. Kacey was extremely traumatized and scared of every single interaction, but she was just too tired and defeated to react.

“She was so incredibly defeated. She was too tired to be reactive, she was too tired to bite, she was too tired to run. She was just terrified,” Lisa told The Dodo.

Once she finally arrived at her new, temporary home, she relaxed a bit. Lisa offered her a comfy doggo bed, but instead, Kacey chose a pink blanket lying on the floor – and instantly fell asleep.

“She’s utterly exhausted from living months on the street. Stray dogs are always on high alert and in self protection mode and never fall into that deep sleep. She had the best night of sleep in her life last night and is sleeping the day away,” Lisa wrote on Instagram.

At her vet appointment, she was diagnosed with a dislocated hip, which required FHO surgery. However, Kacey was still too weak and emaciated to receive any treatment. Before the treatment, she was sent to a foster home for further recovery.

A Foster Fail

Lianne and her big family welcomed Kacey into their loving home with arms wide open! They already had several other dogs, and the fact that she was now surrounded with so many friends helped Kacey instantly feel better.

Despite her movement difficulties, Kacey was another dog within just a few days. Her new siblings taught her how to be a dog, and she finally came out of her shell. 

Being the emotional dog that she is, Kacey demanded affection at all times. She has the sweetest move where she taps the person who she wants the affection from and then gives them the most hauntingly beautiful smile.

Eventually, Kacey went through with her surgery and got the treatment she needed all along. With her hips recovered, she could finally keep up with other dogs and play without any hindrance.

It is safe to say that Kacey literally blended into her new family, which is why Lianne decided to keep her – for good!

“Another epic foster fail. I definitely wasn’t surprised by this one,” Lisa wrote on Instagram.

After all the hard work and so many great memories made throughout Kacey’s recovery process, the family just could not let her go. 

“What a tiny little strong, powerful soul she is. I’m so glad we rescued Kacey from the parking lot that day. Life can change in an instant,” Lisa wrote in another Instagram post.

Once an abandoned, frightened girl that didn’t stand a chance on her own, Kacey is now the princess of her new home. And, her family absolutely approves of her status!