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A Skittish Dog Comes Out Of Her Shell As Soon As She Finds Out What Love Truly Feels Like

A Skittish Dog Comes Out Of Her Shell As Soon As She Finds Out What Love Truly Feels Like

The story of a young, 9-month-old puppy named Baton proves that love, affection, and understanding can work miracles in helping our furry companions overcome past hardships. 

Oftentimes, shelter staff members are unaware of what dogs have endured before their arrival there, so they have to work extra hard to establish trust with the animals. 

This is why fostering is such an important part of a dog’s recovery process and the whole rescue world. 

Love Heals All Wounds

When Baton, a 9-month-old Black Mouth Cur and Hound mix, arrived at the Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, in Asheville, North Carolina, she was completely shut down. 

“Baton was shut down in the shelter. She would never look at you and didn’t enjoy walks, playgroups, or enrichment items like puzzle treats,” Brooke Fornea, the shelter’s director of marketing and guest experience, told Newsweek magazine. 

She was scared of almost everyone and everything. She would close her eyes tightly and hide under the nearest bush when the staff took her even for a short walk.

Baton never even looked directly at anyone, and was extremely shy when first meeting new people. 

Shelter staff just knew that a loving foster family would be the best place for her to overcome all her fear and trauma.

Thankfully, they managed to find the best foster family for her. 

Baton blossomed within days of being placed in a foster home!

“She is learning people are pretty great — and this thing they call a bed is AMAZING,” the shelter wrote in their Facebook post

Since being in the foster home, Baton learned that walks are actually awesome, treats are delicious, and lying in her warm bed and cuddling with people is literally her favorite activity ever. 

“She has really come out of her shell and is a much happier dog. We are so grateful to people who open their homes and hearts to homeless animals like Baton,” Fornea said. 

Still Looking For A Forever Home 

Baton has come a long way since arriving at the shelter, but there is still a journey upon her. 

“Foster homes make all the difference in the world for an animal who finds themselves in a shelter. It provides them with a comfortable routine and gives them time to decompress and receive comfort. They learn that people can be kind and gentle. We also hear from our fosters that it brings joy into their lives, so it is a win-win,” Fornea said.  

It is essential that she is placed in a home that can continue the amazing work that has been done by her foster family.

“Though she is definitely shy when first meeting new people, Baton is a sweet pup who will eventually become your best friend and most loyal companion,” the shelter wrote in her adoption description. 

She will quickly twirl and spin her way into anyone’s heart, for sure. 

According to the shelter, Baton absolutely loves pup cups, going on gentle walks, and being a little spoon at bedtime. Could she be any cuter?!

“With time, Baton will likely become a much more playful and excitable pup… But we believe she is a snuggle bug at her core who will really appreciate spending her evenings cuddled up on the couch with her favorite person!”

If you think that Baton might be the perfect pet for you, please visit the shelter’s adoption website