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Sister Pitties Who Recently Became Orphans Have The Best Day Ever

Sister Pitties Who Recently Became Orphans Have The Best Day Ever

Every doggo parent knows that their dog isn’t just a pet – they are a part of the family. And, I’m pretty sure that the dogs feel the same way, too.

They are happy when we are happy, upset when we are upset, and just want to be included in our day to day lives. So, when they are separated from us, they get extremely sad and can even fall into depression.

Unfortunately, that is what happened to two adorable sisters who lost their dad. But, luck is soon going to smile upon them yet again.

Heartbreaking News

sister pitties lying together
Source: The Dodo

Baby and Rosie are two senior pitties who lost their owner because of pancreatic cancer. A woman close to their dad promised him that she would make sure his two babies were set up in the best forever home out there.

In order to fulfill her promise, she decided to contact Lisa Chiarelli founder of Frankie Lola and Friends, a non-profit dog rescue based in Los Angeles, California.

two pitbulls sitting on grass
Source: The Dodo

As soon as she heard their story, Lisa decided that these two girls deserved a very special treat.

“Their lives as they knew it had completely changed forever. So today I’m going to see Baby and Rosie and I’m going to take them out on a perfect dog day!” Lisa told The Dodo.

Best Day Ever

When Lisa was on her way to pick the girls up, she suspected that they would be couch potatoes, considering that they were senior dogs. Little did she know these pups were still puppies at heart.

two dogs in front of gate
Source: The Dodo

They first went to the groomers for a nice and relaxing spa day. As it was Rosie’s turn for the bath, Baby did not want to leave her side as she wanted to make sure that her big sister was okay.

“Baby was so concerned about her big sister the whole time. She kept on jumping up to check in on her. You could definitely tell how much they love each other,” she added.

Of course, Rosie did the exact same thing!

pitbull getting a bath
Source: The Dodo

When they were done at the spa, looking all nice and clean, it was Puppuccino time! As soon as they saw Lisa approaching them with a yummy treat, they couldn’t contain their excitement.

Finally, they concluded their incredibly fun day by spending some time in the park.

“After spending the day with Baby and Rosie, I was totally in love and saw how magical they were,” said Lisa.

sister pitbulls wearing clothes
Source: The Dodo

Forever Home

Lisa immediately managed to find them a foster family willing to take them in for a couple of weeks, allowing her to look for a family who would adopt them together.  

“Their hearts may have been broken once but they still have so much love to give. They are going to make somebody so happy,” she concluded.

woman cuddling with a pitbull
Source: The Dodo

In no time, a family reached out to Lisa stating that they would love to include Baby and Rosie in their loving family.

Now, these incredible sisters have the perfect doggo day every day! They love spending their time in a warm home having fun with hoomans who simply adore them.