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5 Signs That Your Chihuahua Is Suffering From Separation Anxiety

5 Signs That Your Chihuahua Is Suffering From Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in Chihuahuas happens quite often. These small dogs love to receive attention from their owners, and do not like when their owners have some other job to do rather than just spend time with them.

If your Chi has started behaving weirdly lately, you should look for signs of separation anxiety in its behavior.

If you notice this on time, you will be able to correct this behavior, and to make your Chihuahua feel better. Dog owners should by no means ignore possible separation anxiety in their Chihuahuas, since this can become a serious behavioral problem.

Separation anxiety is pretty hard for dogs, and it can also be exactly as hard for the owners who want to see their dogs happy, but who also have everyday obligations and deadlines.

No matter how much we would like to spend all of our time with our furry friends, this is not possible in reality, at least for the majority of us.

Still, there are ways to help our small dogs. The most important thing is to recognize separation anxiety signs in our Chihuahuas on time.

How To Recognize Separation Anxiety In Chihuahuas? 

Chihuahua peeking from blanket

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds out there, but these small pooches have a big dog personality.

These dogs are independent and even reserved with strangers, but they are highly affectionate with their owners. This is the main reason why a Chihuahua suffers when its owners are not by her side. 

If you think your Chihuahua might be suffering from separation anxiety, you should read the following most common signs of this behavior problem in dogs.

1. Barking And Whining

If your Chihuahua barks and whines every time you leave the house, this could be one of the most clear signs of separation anxiety.

Once you leave the house, you will not be able to hear your dog anymore, but your neighbors will! This can be especially difficult if you are living in a building.

A crying Chihuahua is something no owner wants to see. Also, a dog that barks too much must have a concrete reason for this behavior.

Even if your Chihuahua is perfectly trained and socialized, if she is anxious about you leaving the house, it will cry and bark, and this could last for hours.

2. Destroying Behavior

Chihuahua making a mess

Many people would say that Chihuahuas are mean and aggressive, but I want to point out that this behavior never happens without a reason.

If you’ve come home to find it a total mess – your Chihuahua seems to have chewed on pillows, bedding, and even your shoes and clothes – this could also mean that the dog is suffering because it was separated from you.

Dogs cannot speak, but they can clearly show us their emotions with their behavior. Chihuahua’s destructive behavior always means that the dog is unhappy or displeased about something.

3. Peeing/Pooping Inside Your House

Potty training your Chihuahua was not an easy task, but you finally succeeded in this. Now, all of the sudden, your small dog is having accidents all over your home! What is happening?

Dogs which suffer from separation anxiety might pee and poop inside the house, even though they are potty trained.

Obviously, this is a very bad thing, and something you need to correct right away. You have just weaned yourself from the constant cleaning of all surfaces in the house from the excrement of your furry pet, and you definitely don’t want to go back to that period again!

4. Door Scratching

Chihuahua sitting by door

You don’t even have to see your Chihuahua scratching the door behind you – the scratches on your front door will let you know exactly what happened after you left the house.

Many dogs scratch the door when separated from their owners. 

From the moment you leave your home, your Chihuahua starts to feel insecure and under a lot of stress. In such situations, the dog starts scratching the door nervously.

5. Dog Becomes Over Excited When You Come Back Home

We all like to come home and be greeted by a dog happy to see us. No one else knows how to give a warm welcome like our furry friends!

However, if your Chihuahua can’t calm down when you come home, and if it constantly follows you from room to room, this could also be a sign of separation anxiety in your dog.

Surely you also love to be in the company of your Chihuahua, but an overly clingy dog can sometimes be a real nightmare for the owner.

How To Help Your Anxious Chihuahua?

sad Chihuahua

Signs of separation anxiety in your dog might seriously disrupt your normal everyday life. You may try to leave the house as little as possible so that you do not have to worry about the condition of your Chihuahua while you are not at home.

But before you make such radical decisions, read our tips on how to help your anxious Chihuahua.

Early Training 

Dog training from an early age is crucial for your Chihuahua’s behavior. If you start getting your puppy used to spending some time alone, the dog will slowly become less dependent on you. 

You should do this gradually – of course you should never leave your Chihuahua for 5 or more hours on the first day!

I suggest that you only leave your puppy alone for about 15 to 20 minutes on the first day. Study how your Chihuahua reacts. When she shows good behavior, reward her with her favorite treat. Every day you can slowly extend the time of your absence.

The longest you should leave your adult Chihuahua unattended alone is 6 to 8 hours.

Leave The Music On

Chihuahua standing on carpet

Soft music can have a very calming effect on your dog. Before you leave the house, you should leave the radio or TV on with some light music. In this way, the dog will relax while you are gone. 

And it’s good that the dog doesn’t feel alone; any sound while you are away can have a positive effect on your Chihuahua’s mind.

Music can be an excellent form of therapy for anxious Chihuahuas.

Exercise Is Crucial

Chihuahuas are stubborn, territorial, and highly active. Oh, they sound like the worst dogs possible, do they? But no, this is not true! Chihuahuas that show disobedience and destructive behavior might just be a Chihuahua that doesn’t get enough exercise.

A Chihuahua that gets enough physical and mental exercise is less likely to develop separation anxiety.

Therefore, always make sure your Chihuahua has toys available to keep it entertained while you are away. Also, make sure you take your dog out before you go to work – at least for a short walk around the neighborhood.

Hire A Dog Walker

Are you familiar with dog walkers? This could also be a great way to help your anxious Chihuahua.

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who works close to home, or who can go out for a long lunch break, chances are you’ll need help with your Chihuahua.

A dog walker is a person you can hire to occasionally walk your Chihuahua while you are away. You can agree with the walker on the length of the walk, as well as on the place where you would like him to take your puppy.

This is a good way for your Chihuahua to have human company when you are not around.


Chihuahua posing for photo

Many dog owners will have to deal with separation anxiety in Chihuahuas at some point of their pets’ lives.

This problem in dog behavior is definitely not harmless – none of us want to see a dog struggling, crying, or even showing serious destructive behavior.

But you do not need to worry in advance, since it is very possible to help the Chihuahua to cope with the problem of anxiety.

An essential thing is to recognize separation anxiety in our Chihuahua on time. If your dog shows excessive barking, crying, door scratching behavior, or it becomes overly excited when you come home – it is most likely that your Chihuahua is unhappy about your separation.

We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you have found the ideal way to ease your little dog’s anxiety. We also hope that you wholeheartedly enjoy every moment you spend with this charming puppy!