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A Sign Posted By The Owners Directs People To Give Their Dog Treats If He Follows One Rule

A Sign Posted By The Owners Directs People To Give Their Dog Treats If He Follows One Rule

Dogs are not born with the ability to follow commands, but they need to be taught. Some pups need very little time for this, while others persist in their ignorance.

The natural way dogs communicate is through barking and there is nothing strange about it. However, some canines tend to overdo it, and their owners are unable to reduce it despite all their efforts. In order to achieve this, they sometimes need a lot of ingenuity and creativity. 

The pawrents from Mendham Borough, New Jersey, did not lack that same creativity when they posted a sign in front of their house that was supposed to help their Golden Retriever, Scout, bark less. 

Only Well-Deserved Treats

When a woman named Meghan Kuhles was walking the streets of Medham Borough, New Jersey one day, she noticed a sign on the fence of a yard that caught her attention.

According to the TikTok clip she posted via her account, @megan_catherine, the owners put the cup of treats and a sign informing passers-by to give their dog those treats only if he didn’t bark

Apparently, it was a clear attempt of the owners to train their dog to bark less, as shown by the sentence written on the sign: “My pawrents want me to stop barking.”

Although Megan really wanted to dive with her hand into the cup full of treats, she did not do it because she wanted to respect the rules of the “game” set by the owners. In the comment section, she revealed that the dog, unfortunately, barked

Just two days later, another TikTok video followed from the same location but with slightly altered content. Namely, the owners put up another sign, but this time, it was supposed to teach their Golden Retriever to sit. They asked the people to order him to sit, and if he did, to give him a treat.

Whether they did this because Scout really learned to bark less in the meantime so they decided to move on to the next task remains unclear. 

However, there is a much greater possibility that they simply gave up on it, considering that sitting is a somewhat simpler task for this Golden Retriever.

Many Reactions

This TikTok clip posted by Megan attracted a lot of attention. Although some people supported Scout’s parents in trying to cleverly teach their dog to stop barking, many were in favor of giving him treats regardless of the outcome.

“I’d still give him a treat even if he did bork,” one user wrote. 

“Aww I hope he got a treat 🥰,” another added. 

And, the third quipped: “I’m sorry but I’d give scout the treats anyways for being a good boy & alerting 😂”

We believe that Scout is a truly good boy who will eventually master all the tasks his parents set before him. 

Then, he will have plenty of treats from all the people whose hearts he has captured.