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Sick Bully Dog Beats All The Odds With The Help Of His Favorite Hooman

Sick Bully Dog Beats All The Odds With The Help Of His Favorite Hooman

There are some truly amazing dogs whose stories serve as an inspiration to all, and Mr. Snuffulufugus (a.k.a. Snuffy) is definitely one of them. 

Wandering the streets of Copperas Cove, Texas, as a dog without a home, Snuffy’s life hasn’t been an easy one. He was so desperate to find a person who would show him kindness.

One day, a giant-hearted person contacted animal control, who immediately rushed over to save him from the streets. But, what happened next changed Snuffy’s life forever.

From Texas To Minnesota

When Copperas Cove Animal Control staff picked up Mr. Snuffulufugus from the street, he had a lot more problems than they initially thought. This sweet American Bully mix tested heartworm positive, which required him thousands of dollars worth of treatments.

The animal control contacted the rescue from Minnesota, Pit Squad Rescue MN, specializing in helping bully breeds get a second chance. Without any hesitation, the rescue agreed to take Snuffy in right away

As soon as Snuffy arrived at his new (temporary) home, he was subjected to a thorough vet exam and his heartworm treatment started. Unfortunately, the team discovered additional health issues.

“His heart is incredibly enlarged and his lungs are very damaged. Things are not looking incredibly positive, but at this time there is still hope and if there is still hope we are still going to fight,” the Pit Squad Rescue MN wrote on Facebook.

He had difficulty breathing, wasn’t very mobile, and seemed like a dog who wasn’t going to make it. But, the team didn’t know one thing – Snuffy was a fighter!

With all of his issues going on, he was an extremely affectionate dog who loved life. And, his eye sparkle never disappeared! 

After completely settling into a new environment, a woman named Stephanie Easley decided to take Snuffy in as a foster. From the moment she saw him, she was so eager to meet him, and there it was – an instant connection was made!

Snuffy and Stephanie bonded right away. Despite his health and some behavioral issues, he really loved every second around Stephanie.

The two spent months adjusting to each other. They constantly worked on improving Snuffy’s health, which was the hardest part of the journey. Stephanie took care of her foster around the clock, and made sure he got his treatment properly.

Looking For A New Home

After months of consistent treatment and lots of effort, Snuffy finally felt better. 

Despite all the odds, he beat heartworm and made a lot of progress with Stephanie, and now he was finally ready to go into a forever home.

“His story has been full of so many ups and downs. Hope lost and then given back… then lost again. He had beat everything thrown his way and we are holding on to this last bit of hope that someone out there will want to be his family,” Stephanie wrote on Facebook.

Snuffy still takes his obedience classes, and he is in the process of perfecting his doggo skills, but he will eventually get there.

What he needs is an understanding family and a loving home where he could be the only pet, preferably without small kids. 

While he’s an extremely affectionate dog, Mr. Snuffulufugus can sometimes be possessive of an adult owner.

One thing is for sure, though – Snuffy gives great hugs, and he’s definitely a great companion! When the time is right, we’re absolutely pawsitive that he will find the perfect family.