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siberian husky

The most famous blue-eyed dogs that hides a truly unique personality behind thick, fluffy fur. Coming to you from cold Siberia, meet this stunning breed that will steal your heart immediately.

Black and white siberian husky sitting on the stone

Are Huskies Aggressive? Types Of Aggression And Training Tips

Are Huskies aggressive or do they make great family pets? Here's how to deal with aggression in dogs and how to keep everyone safe.

siberian husky taking bath

How Often Should You Bathe A Husky?

One of the trickiest questions new Husky owners face is: How often should you bathe a Husky? Do you already know the answer or...?

the Siberian Husky dog lies on the beach

Husky Eye Colors Guide With Pictures – Can Husky Eyes Change Color?

What Husky eye colors are there? Do blue-eyed Huskies have some vision problems? Find the answers to these questions and many more!

small husky lying down inside the basket

A Teacup Husky – Everything You Need To Know About This Dog

Do you want to know everything about a Teacup Husky, and generally, about teacup dogs? You can find all the important information right here.

portrait of s siberian husky lying down on the ground outdoors

Do Siberian Huskies Shed? Husky Grooming And Care Advice

Find the answer here, along with advice on grooming your Husky that will reduce the amount they shed

Siberian husky dogs on the background of a mountain landscape with coniferous forest and rain clouds.

Do Huskies Bark? A Helpful Guide To Husky Vocalization

Find all the information you need about the huskies barking and howling and what they are trying to tell you.

Two siberian husky dogs howls raising his muzzles up howling on winter sunset landscape

Husky Howling: Why Huskies Howl And What You Can Do About It

Find out all you need to know about why these snow dogs howl and what can be done when it becomes a nuisance.

brown husky runs across the meadow

Brown Husky – All About This Gorgeous Siberian Husky Color

Brown Huskies might easily be the most beautiful Husky color you can find. Are they purebred and do they make good family dogs?

two husky dogs outdoors

Male Vs Female Siberian Husky – The Impossible Decision

Male vs female Siberian Husky are both purebred dogs people love for their temperament. Who do you think will win this battle?

siberian husky puppy lying down in front of his toy inside home

Husky Teething: How To Cope With Teething Husky Puppies

Find all the information and advice you need to guide you through the Siberian Husky puppy teething process.

portrait of siberian husky

Husky Names: As Unique Names As The Breed Itself

Husky names can be something basic like Fido, but they can also be something amazing like Chinook or Miki. Let's see what else we have!

Husky standing on grass

Husky Colors: Picking The Most Beautiful One!

Husky colors are a wide pool of possibilities. Each coat color is prettier than the other. Which Husky color will be your favorite?

husky and cat

Are Huskies Good With Cats? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Read on and find out everything you need to know about a Husky’s behavior and his relationship with cats.

Siberian husky sitting on green grass field

26 Siberian Husky Mixes: The Mixed Breeds You Have To Check Out

All the interesting and beautiful Siberian Husky Mixes in one place. Enjoy the ride and fall in love with these cuties.

miniature husky lying on the grass

Miniature Husky: The Mini Blue Eye Wonder

Like its larger relatives, The Miniature Husky is a friendly, smart, and loyal pup. Find out if this mini dog is right for you!

agouti husky on the snow standing

Agouti Husky: Siberian Husky With A Twist

The Agouti Husky is one of the rarest and most challenging Husky colors to breed. Learn more about this Siberian Husky variation!

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