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Completely Shut Down Pitbull Sticks To The Back Of Her Crate, Until She Discovers True Love

Completely Shut Down Pitbull Sticks To The Back Of Her Crate, Until She Discovers True Love

There’s no such thing as a broken dog, no matter how hard they try to convince you.

With a proper family and just a little bit of love, miracles can be made, and Briana is just the perfect example!

This poor Pittie struggled in life for too long. She lived her life on the streets, far away from decent living conditions or a shelter to hide at. She was practically a lost cause until, eventually, she met the perfect mom! 

Meeting New Mom

Briana was rescued from the Chicago streets by the volunteers of MCP Rescue & Outreach Chicago. Thanks to a giant-hearted rescuer, Katie, she got the fighting chance that she had been waiting for so long.

Sadly, another dog that accompanied Briana on her “wandering journey” wasn’t found, which ultimately led to her being completely shut down.

When she finally arrived at Mackenzie’s home, she was extremely fearful and depressed

She wouldn’t look at anybody while sticking only to her tiny little kennel. All Briana did was hug her big, stuffed comfort animal (that probably reminded her of her old street buddy) for days.

Mackenzie made sure to give her plenty of room to acclimate to the new environment. She didn’t bother her, nor did she try to push her to interact against her own will. 

Then, one day, it finally happened!

Mackenzie reached out for her bowl to refill it with water when Briana made the most amazing move ever. She rolled on her back and demanded belly rubs! Yes, belly rubs!

The rest, as they say, is history!

That was a breakthrough moment for everyone. Knowing that she finally got a family that she could trust, Briana blossomed into a brand-new girl!

She embraced Mackenzie and her other doggo sibling, Ronan, as family. And, in return, she got a family herself – the one that she had been looking for this whole time!

She Maybe Had Owners Before, But Now She Has A Family

When Briana finally came out of her shell, she picked up “doggo manners” in no time!

Given her amazing social skills and the fact that she already knew some of the commands, she must’ve been a family dog before. 

Plus, she always gets excited when she sees a stroller on the street, which makes Mackenzie believe that she may have lived in a family that had a baby.

She became a great companion to Ronan, Mackenzie’s other dog. The amazing thing is – even though she is younger, she always acts as if she’s his momma. She constantly watches over him and comforts him. 

At no more than two years of age, you might say that Briana has the intuition of an older dog!

But, then again, she proves her age when she’s in the field! Briana just loves to go on daily walkies, hikes, and exciting adventures. This 100% American Pit Bull Terrier girl has a zest for life that doesn’t go away, and that’s just what makes her the pawfect dog!

Mackenzie couldn’t be happier to see Briana be more confident with every new day. 

“She just really has blossomed into such a confident, happy dog. And I can just tell how much she loves life now, which is incredible to see that transformation,” Mackenzie told GeoBeats Animals.

Every day is a new chance to see Briana become a more amazing version of herself. She’s never been happier and loves her Indiana home so much!

There’s only one more thing that Mackenzie would like to accomplish, and that’s finding Briana’s old buddy (who might have been her sister) from the street. When the time comes, she hopes to welcome her to their cozy home, just like she welcomed Briana!

You can keep up with Briana’s daily adventures on her official Instagram!