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Shocked Rescuers Stumble Upon The Most Unexpected Surprise At A Building Site

Shocked Rescuers Stumble Upon The Most Unexpected Surprise At A Building Site

When a team of very determined rescuers arrived at the building site of a new shelter for animals in need, they thought it was going to be just a regular day.

However, as soon as they entered, they noticed something lying on the ground.

Upon closer inspection, they realized it was actually a little puppy.

It didn’t take them long to figure out that somebody just threw this sick little pup over the fence, thinking that the rescuers would take him in and forgetting the fact that the puppy could be severely injured that way.

Nevertheless, the rescuers didn’t have too much time to think about it – they had to help the poor guy!

Help Is Here

little puppy on rocks
Source: Youtube

Upon first glance, the rescuers realized that the pup was so tired he could not sit up. He was also constantly crying and appeared to have some breathing problems.

Luckily, one of the rescuers was also a vet so he immediately gave the pup some IV in order to rehydrate him. He also prepared some antibiotics that would ensure his recovery.

man helping puppy
Source: Youtube

As the rescuers were looking over the sick pup, making sure that he was okay, they noticed a woman making her way over to them.

In her hand, she had another puppy!

tiny puppy in man's hand
Source: Youtube

The woman informed the rescuers that she was unable to take care of the pup, and not wanting another pup to be abandoned, the rescuers took it in.

On the bright side, this pup was in perfect health and had an excellent appetite.

puppy eats food from bowl
Source: Youtube

With such an event, the rescuers were completely reassured that what they were doing really was important and that this new shelter was needed.

Road To Recovery

The team took the pup to a proper veterinary office, where he received a thorough checkup.

The vets determined that he was suffering from hypothermia and also had some internal parasites.

puppy at vet being examined
Source: Youtube

The strong pup was given all the medicine he needed to regain his health and get back on his paws.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t regulate his body temperature all on his own, so the vets had to help him with a blowdryer.

After he got a bit warmer, the pup received some additional medication as well as a yummy meal.  

After only three days in the care of the rescuers, the pup started to recover.

happy puppy in man's hand
Source: Youtube

He simply loves being cuddled and massaged as much as possible as it not only makes him warm, but it also shows him that he is indeed worthy of love.

That, and the daily treatment of antibiotics, really did help this adorable pup to have a very speedy recovery.

The pup, now named Bebe, also has some furry friends. He loves hanging out with the pup that was rescued the same day as him as well as a couple of adorable cats!

puppy covered with little blanket
Source: Youtube

However, Bebe still has a long road to recovery.

The hoomans around him are doing everything they can to help him and they hope that this sweet pup will one day have the best life ever, surrounded by kind hoomans, fun playdates, and cozy cuddles.

If you would like to donate and help Bebe in his journey, please contact Paws Show for more information.