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Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a small, delicate dog. It is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. With its friendly personality and adorable puppy eyes, the Shih Tzu will make you fall in love with it at first sight!

the adorable black Shih Tzu lies in the grass

Black Shih Tzu - The Ultimate Guide To This Adorable Shih Tzu Color

Are black Shih Tzus rare, or is this a common color for these fluffy little dogs? Here's everything you need to know.

Shih tzu dog relaxing on the sofa in the living room

How Much Does A Shih Tzu Cost? Buying And Raising Shih Tzus

This in-depth guide helps you to understand the full cost of buying and raising a Shih Tzu puppy.

girl sitting with her Shih Tzu dog

Are Shih Tzus Good With Kids? Shih Tzu Character Traits

A breakdown of the Shih Tzu dog breed to discover how well they get along with children of all ages.

Do Shih Tzus Shed? A Guide To Grooming Low-Shedding Dogs

The common myths and misunderstandings behind non-shedding and hypoallergenic dog breeds explained in detail.

A cute Shih Tzu dog with a bow lies on the sofa at home

Are Shih Tzu Hypoallergenic? Keeping Dog Allergies At Bay

If you’re someone with dog allergies, you probably want to find a solution.

Shih Tzu dog on Isolated Black Background in studio

Blue Shih Tzu – Everything About Adorable And Rare Shih Tzu Puppies

These adorable dogs have become increasingly popular lately, and it's easy to see why.

white shih tzu with ribbon on its hair in focus photography

White Shih Tzu And The 411 On All The Other Shih Tzu Coat Colors

White as snow, this Shih Tzu is one cute dog! Do you know all the colors that Shih Tzus come in?

gold shih tzu

Gold Shih Tzu: A Guide To Shih Tzu Colors And Coat Care

There is hardly a dog that looks more royal than this one! Here's what you need to know about owning this canine.

silver shih tzu on beach

Silver Shih Tzu – Is This the Most Unique Shih Tzu Color? (Shih Tzu Colors Explained)

How many patterns can these pups come in? Find out all the answers and many other Shih Tzu color facts here!

purebred long hair shih tzu beside a candle and holder

Shih Tzu Lifespan: How Long Do Shih Tzus Live On Average?

Find the information you need about the Shih Tzu life expectancy, and how you can help them live longer.

black and white Shih Tzu looking at camera

Black And White Shih Tzu – Rare Shih Tzu Colors Explained

Here is some information about one of the rarest Shih Tzu coat colors and how it might affect your dog's health.

Shih Tzu puppy posing with ponytail and purple hair bow close up

Imperial Shih Tzu: A Teacup Dog Breed That Doesn't Exist?

Read this before buying your miniature Shih Tzu dog to find out about health problems, temperament, and prices.

two Shih Tzu dogs stand on the grass near the lake

Busting The Myth: Male Vs. Female Shih Tzu

A battle of tiny dogs with huge hearts. Which gender will win your heart? Reading this will help you decide.

adorable little dog in the car

Red Shih Tzu - The Guide To This Unique Shih Tzu Color

Time to meet an adorable dog everyone falls in love with instantly! Here’s everything you need to know about this pooch.

brindle shih tzu

Brindle Shih Tzu: A Complete Guide To Shih Tzu Coat Colors

Find the answers to all your questions on rare and interesting Shih Tzu coat colors with our in-depth guide.

Liver Shih Tzu The Story Behind This Rare Beauty

Liver Shih Tzu: The Story Behind This Rare Beauty

You won't find this dog everywhere, but you will fall in love once you see them.

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