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Shiba Inu

The small hunting dog from Japan, Shiba Inu is known for its adorable looks and fierce personality. Nothing is stopping this pooch from being the boss of the neighborhood – and you’re about to find out why.

Shiba Inu is lying on the floor

Do Shiba Inus Shed? A Guide to Taking Care of Your Shiba Inu Pup

First-time Shiba Inu owners might wonder, do these pups shed? If you want to learn more about living with this breed, you’re in the right spot.

Shiba Inu dog sleeping in room

The Shiba Inu Lifespan: How Long Do Shiba Inu Dogs Live?

Here is the life expectancy of the popular Japanese companion dog and common health problems that might affect it.

shibu inu puppy growling and showing her teeth

Are Shiba Inus Aggressive? Dealing With Dog Aggression

How do you approach these dogs and deal with aggressive behavior? Let's crack the code together once and for all.

Two beautiful shiba inu dogs with tongues out

Male Vs Female Shiba Inu: Which Gender Is Perfect For Me?

This is a question many future Shiba owners face. How do you pick the right gender for you? Let's find out together!

cute Cream Shiba Inu

Cream Shiba Inu: The Rarest Shiba Color You’ll Adore

Meet a rare-colored Shiba Inu dog, quite beloved, and quite special. This is one of the finest dogs you can wish for.

black shiba inu standing outdoor

Black Shiba Inu: What You Need To Know Before Buying One

Do they really exist or are they a myth? Discover the truth with our expert guide to the Shiba Inu dog breed.

Mame Shiba Inu standing outside

Mame Shiba Inu – A Mini Shiba Inu Or A Whole New Breed?

Mame Shiba Inus are the latest trend when it comes to toy breeds. Do they make good family pets, and are they healthy?

shiba inu running in the yellow flower field

The Ultimate Guide To All The Lovely Shiba Inu Colors

The ultimate guide you need! Find out the different types of coat colors that this wonderfully cute dog breed comes in.

Great Dane Mixed With A Shiba Inu lies on the grass

Shiba Inu Mixes: Enter The World Of Unusual Doggy Hybrids

Meet the diverse world of Shiba mixes! They come in an array of combinations from contrasting breeds to look-a-likes.

Shiba Inu stands and looks in front of him

Shiba Inu Growth Chart: How Big Will My Shiba Inu Get?

This growth chart is a detailed guide for all new Shiba Inu owners who are wondering about the real size of their Shiba Inu puppy!

shiba inu licking mouth

Shiba Inu Feeding Chart – What The Ideal Dog Diet Looks Like

Not sure how much to feed your Shiba Inu? A feeding chart is a useful tool to keep handy while raising your new Shiba.

Beautiful Shiba Inu dog in a pink harness

Best Harness For A Shiba Inu: 10 Top Products

If you are here to pick the best harness for your dog, then you are in the right place. These harnesses stand out with their features!

shiba inu eating

15 Best Dog Foods For Shiba Inu Pups

Choosing dog food of top quality can help your pup be healthier and live a better life. Here are some good food brands just for you.

Shiba Inu lies on the floor next to the toy

11 Best Toys For Shiba Inu: Your Dog Will Love Them

Here are best toys for Shiba Inu breed that we picked out just for your lovely doggo! There is a variety of toys for you to choose from that are just one click away.