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The Shelter’s Oldest Pup Finds Happiness After Waiting 400 Days For Someone To Give Him A Chance

The Shelter’s Oldest Pup Finds Happiness After Waiting 400 Days For Someone To Give Him A Chance

Regardless of age or breed, all shelter dogs dream of finding a forever family who will shower them with love.

Sadly, older shelter dogs have a hard time attracting attention of potential adopters. Although the hearts of senior dogs long for a loving home, they often tend to be overlooked in favor of younger pups.

Sam, a senior shelter resident at Humane Society of Broward County, knows how it feels to be ignored time and time again.

The delightful pup spent more than 400 days at the shelter, hoping that someone would notice him and give him a chance to be happy.

Dreaming Of Finding A Family

Sam was brought to the Florida rescue as a stray. 

Although his rescuers didn’t know his backstory, they were certain that the sweet senior pup endured many hardships on the streets.

The shelter staffers received him with open arms.

Feeling unsure of everything, the senior canine needed time to get used to his new life at the shelter.

The wonderful staff were extremely understanding toward Sam. They showed him kindness and gave him many cuddles.

The pup began realizing that the staffers were good humans whom he could trust.

Sam perked up and started soaking up their love. His shelter friends loved his friendly personality.

As the doggo watched many canines leave their shelter kennels in the arms of their new parents, he started dreaming of finding his own happiness.

The Pooch Gets Overlooked

Whenever Sam would hear footsteps approaching his kennel, his heart became filled with hope. The canine would approach his kennel door and direct his gaze toward the shelter’s visitors.

Sam wagged his tail non-stop, wishing to attract their attention.

The elderly doggo felt disappointed every time the potential adopters passed him by without even greeting him.

As time passed, Sam’s eyes became sadder.

The doggo’s shelter friends felt brokenhearted for him. 

They posted a heartbreaking video on their social media that showed sorrowful Sam wagging his tail in his kennel. 

The shelter asked the adopters to give Sam a chance to spend his retirement in a loving home.

“Sam deserves to spend his golden years getting lots of TLC, all the yummy treats and a big comfy bed,” the shelter wrote in an Instagram post.

Many people were touched by the shelter’s emotional plea and they rooted for Sam to find his happy ending.

Sam Gets His Happy Ending

At the time, a wonderful woman was looking for a companion for her dog. The moment she saw Sam’s video, she fell in love with the elderly pooch.

He reminded her of her beloved pup, who recently crossed the rainbow bridge.

The kind-hearted woman decided to welcome Sam into her home and give him all the love he deserved.

Sam was thrilled to meet his forever family.

Before he left the shelter, Sam said goodbye to his human friends who took care of him and helped him find his happily ever after.

Sam moved in with his forever family, who adored him ever since they saw him. 

two pups sleeping
Source: Facebook

The sweet pup was happy when he found out that he also had a furry sibling. The two dogs get along well.

The elderly doggo changed his name to Bandit, and he started the happiest chapter of his life. The pooch feels over the moon because he finally found the place where he belonged all along.