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Shelter Workers Were Shocked When Owner Abandoned His Dog After She Started Having Health Problems

Shelter Workers Were Shocked When Owner Abandoned His Dog After She Started Having Health Problems

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a dog who lives under the iron fist of its owner and is used solely for breeding purposes.

Most of the time, they are completely mistreated, abused, and then abandoned when they have outlived their usefulness.

People who do this don’t deserve to own a dog, and should be punished for treating them that way.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who was abandoned by his previous owners for similar reasons, but something prevented the owners from taking advantage of the poor dog.

Ducky’s Background

When Colin first met Ducky, it was through a rescue organization called Lil Rascals Dog Rescue, in Florida.

She fell in love with her immediately and volunteered to be her foster mom until she could find her forever home.

The staff at the shelter told Colin that Ducky came from a family who intended to use her for breeding purposes, but they couldn’t when they realized that she had medical issues.

In an interview with GeoBeats Animals, Colin said: Due to some medical complications that she was going through which we’ve addressed since she’s been with us, we were told they just don’t wanna bother with it anymore.

Because of this, she was surrendered to a shelter where Colin took her in and helped make her life so much better.

Colin knew right away that she had a lot of health problems, like skin infection, eye infection, and an issue that caused her eyelids to turn inward, so it irritated her a lot.

She wasted no time in helping Ducky heal from her issues, and she was with her every step of the way.

Ducky Is Just A Ray Of Sunshine

During her stay at Colin’s home in Florida, Ducky adapted very easily and was comfortable with everyone in the house almost immediately.

She said: I think she right off the bat knew that I was here to help protect her and keep her safe. 

Ducky also met Mako, who was Colin’s first and only foster failure. The two loved to play with each other all the time, and they got along very well.

However, Kona, who was the second dog in the house, was a little hesitant to play with Ducky. 

She thought he was stealing all the spotlight, and she was a little pouty over it. Colin would even catch her with a frown every once in a while.

It was a completely different relationship than what Ducky and Mako had, but that’s not to say that Kona disliked Ducky. The two got along fine, but didn’t play as much with each other.

When it came time for Ducky to leave and go to her forever home, Colin had a hard time, as it was difficult for her to separate with this beautiful dog after spending some time with him.

Colin said: I speak for all foster parents when I say that one thing I think all of us wish we could make sure they knew is that they’re not being abandoned again.

Even though she will miss Ducky, she knows that this sweet dog is now living in a wonderful home with a good family.